How to Track Down The Den in Starfield

How to Track Down The Den in Starfield 1 -
How to Track Down The Den in Starfield 1 -

How to Track Down The Den in Starfield

So, you’re flying around Starfield and wondering, “What’s this place called The Den I keep hearing about?” Found circling the mesmerizing planet Chthonia, The Den might look a bit ordinary. But trust me, it’s more than meets the eye. A heads up, though – if you’ve got any unsettled business with the United Colonies, you might want to sort that out before docking there.

Getting Started with Your Space Travels

Picture yourself navigating through Starfield, hopping from one planet to the next, docking at cool star stations, and finding random but awesome stuff. One of the best pit stops? The Den. It’s not just a place to stretch your legs, but you can also offload some of that random stuff for a few extra Credits.

Where to Find The Den?

Alright, here’s the lowdown. The Den orbits Chthonia in the Wolf system. It’s sandwiched between Alpha Centauri to the southwest and Narion to the northeast. Just keep an eye out; you’ll find this welcoming star station inviting you in.

Chillin’ at The Den

Among the cosmos’ chaos and fast-paced dogfights, The Den is like that chill café you love. It might not have a zillion things to do, but it’s the perfect spot to kick back and relax for a bit. So, what’s in store at The Den?

  1. Meet the Ship Technician – always handy to chat with.
  2. Grab a drink at the Bar. They’ve got some pretty neat space brews!
  3. Pop by the Trade Authority shop. Whether you’re buying or selling, they’ve got you covered.
  4. Check out the UC Vanguard Station. It’s one of the must-sees within The Den.

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