How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City

How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City 2 -
How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City 2 -

How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City

Ever felt like RoboCop Rogue City’s FOV doesn’t quite fill your big screen the way you’d like? Good news! You can tweak it yourself. Imagine having the perfect view tailored just for you. Cool, right? Let’s dive into how you can make this happen. Ready?

First off, for the non-techies among us: FOV stands for Field Of View. Think of it like the “zoom level” in the game. Too zoomed in? You miss stuff. Too zoomed out? Things might look weird. That’s why getting it just right is key. And, by the way, did you ever wonder why movies feel different on a cinema screen than on your TV? A lot of that is down to the field of view. So, here’s how you get your cinematic experience in RoboCop.

How to Begin? Locate the Game’s Secret Files

Start your adventure by finding where the game hides its secret codes. For most, it’s here:

C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local\RoboCop\Saved\Config\Windows. Just swap XYZ with your unique name, like Batman (or, you know, your actual username).

Next Stop? Dive into the Configuration Scroll

Pop open the mystical GameUserSettings.ini scroll. Notepad++ is like the magic wand for this, but hey, pick your favorite text wizardry tool.

How to Tweak Your Vision? Adjust the FOV

Within this scroll, hunt for the magic word ‘FieldOfView’. That’s your ticket. Morph it to your desired view. Like this magic spell: FieldOfView=111.000000.

Want More Power? Customize Your FOV Slider

For those who want the ultimate control, there’s more! Spot the spells ‘BaseMinFieldOfView’ and ‘BaseMaxFieldOfView’. They’re like the little siblings of the main spell above. Play with them to decide how wide or narrow you want your range to be. But a word of caution: go too wild, and you might see some weird magic (read: visual glitches).

Example of Your Magic Scroll

After your wizardry, your scroll might look something like:


How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City 1 -
How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City 1 –

Cast the final spell by saving your changes in the GameUserSettings.ini scroll.

Time to Play! Unleash Your New Vision

Fire up RoboCop Rogue City and witness your customized FOV in all its glory. Feel the difference? It’s like you’ve just given the game a brand new pair of glasses!

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