How to Recruit All Characters in STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R

How to Recruit All Characters in STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R 1 -
How to Recruit All Characters in STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R 1 -

How to Recruit All Characters in STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R

Ever wondered how to get every single optional party member in Star Ocean: The Second Story R? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s a nifty one-page reference card that gives you a sneak peek into the recruitment paths. It’s spoiler-free, so no worries about ruining the game’s surprises!

This card is a bit like a treasure map; it’s vague enough to keep things interesting but still points you in the right direction. You’ll find tips on when and where to find each character, along with a hint or two about what needs to be done to persuade them to join your quest. Plus, it lets you know if a character’s recruitment is a one-time-only deal.

But wait, there’s more! Alongside this handy reference, you’ll get step-by-step guidance to make sure you don’t miss out on any character. And guess what? In SO2R, they’ve made things easier. Remember those Private Actions.

Don’t get too comfy, though. While many steps are the same as in the original PS1 and PSP versions, this guide will help you catch any subtle changes. That way, you won’t miss out on any cool character or exciting moment.

Recruiting Characters: Conditions and Opportunities

Ready to expand your team? There are two things to watch for: specific actions you need to take and those golden windows of opportunity. These chances are more forgiving than they seem, but it helps to link them with big story events to keep track.

Guide to Recruiting Characters

  • Claude & Rena

These two join your journey automatically after a series of events, including meeting Allen and leaving their starting village. No extra effort needed here – just follow the story!

  • Celine

Celine is hard to miss in Cross/Krosse’s main plaza. Help her out with her side-quest, and she’ll stick around for good.

  • Opera & Ashton

Choosing between Opera and Ashton? It’s one or the other, as their quests are exclusive. Pick one, and you’ll miss the other. Ashton’s chance ends post-Lacour/Lacuer, while Opera’s ends after Hoffman.

  • Opera

Bump into a mysterious man near Krosse Castle, and you’re on Opera’s trail. Find her in Hilton’s pub, then head back to Krosse Castle for more clues. A trip to the mountains later, and she’s yours. Don’t forget a Private Action in Arlia!

  • Ashton

Hear about Ashton in Harley? Backtrack to the Salva Mines to find him.

  • Welch

Meet Welch, a newbie in Second Evolution. Got four in your party? After Lacour/Lacuer’s main story, head to the castle during a Private Action to find her.

  • Precis & Bowman

It’s a choice between Precis and Bowman. Once you pick one, the other won’t join. Act fast, as their recruitment window closes after certain events.

  • Precis

Spot Precis in Linga, leave, then come back during a Private Action. Find her at Bowman’s House, where she’ll be eager to join your adventure.

  • Bowman

Want Bowman? Just visit his house. He’s part of the main quest and will offer to join eventually.

  • Ernest

If Opera’s with you, Ernest is just around the corner. After getting Opera, head to Arlia’s forest during a Private Action for some backstory, then find Ernest on your way out of Hoffman.

Meet Leon and Dias

Exclusive alert! Leon and Dias join your team based on your protagonist choice. Leon’s for Claude’s story, Dias for Rena’s.

Leon: A Temporary Ally

Ever wondered what it’s like to have Leon in your team? Well, here’s the scoop. As you navigate through Hoffman’s challenges, Leon will join your squad for a bit.

But hey, don’t get too attached! After you conquer Hoffman, Leon takes off. Your journey continues to the ‘Frontlines’, where, surprise! You bump into Leon again. If you chat him up, he might just spill his guts about wanting to team up again.

Dias: Another Temporary Companion

Now, let’s talk about Dias. Picture this: You’re in Marze, things are getting intense, and who walks in? Dias! He’s there to give you a hand, but just like Leon, he’s not sticking around forever.

Post-Hoffman, you’ll find yourself in the ‘Frontlines’, and guess who’s there? Yup, Dias. Strike up a conversation, and there’s a good chance he’ll hint at wanting to join forces once more.

Unlocking Noel and Chisato

Got your eye on Noel and Chisato? Here’s the lowdown. You might think you have to choose between them, but that’s not the case. Although having a party of seven is common, watch out! If Welch is in your crew, you might not be able to add Noel and Chisato.

Time is of the essence, my friend. Once you’re through with the ‘Red/Crimson Caves’, the chance to recruit these two vanishes.

Noel’s Story

Let’s dive into Noel’s tale. She steps into the picture in the Red Caves, tagging along as a guest. Once you’re done with those caves, Noel comes forward, eager to join your party.

Chisato’s Story

Chisato’s journey is a bit different. You’ll first spot her in the Red Caves. She’s elusive, though, and will leave something behind. Grab whatever she drops and then track her down to her office in the city.

Hand over the item you found, and she’ll be grateful. This is your chance! Her gratitude might just lead her to express an interest in joining your team. Play your cards right, and she’s all yours!

Extra Note: Philia’s Impact on the Final Boss

Here’s a twist: Philia, who isn’t part of your team, still has a huge impact on the final boss’s strength. It’s a bit tricky, but engaging with her is as important as recruiting anyone else.

To stand a chance against the final boss, your party needs to be, believe it or not, about 100 levels stronger than your first encounter. We’re talking sky-high levels here, all the way up to 255.

Your first step? A private meet-up with Clik/Kurik to meet Philia. Before facing the boss, backtrack to Central City. For SO2R players, you might need to finish and reload your game at the final point, but let’s confirm that later.

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