How to Level Up Heroes to 43 in Microcivilization

How to Level Up Heroes to 43 in Microcivilization 1 -
How to Level Up Heroes to 43 in Microcivilization 1 -

How to Level Up Heroes to 43 in Microcivilization

Hey there, strategy buffs! Ever wonder why getting your heroes to level 43 in Microcivilization is like finding a hidden treasure in a maze? Well, here’s the scoop: settling for level 42 or lower might seem okay, but it’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight. To truly crush it, you’ve gotta kick those lower-level heroes to the curb and harness the sheer awesomeness of level 43 heroes.

Hero Roll Call: Who’s Who and What’s What

Ready to dive into the hero roster? Let’s do this:

The Blue Circle Brigade

These guys are your go-to for Wood, Research, and workers. They’re like the busy bees of your empire.

Blue Ups: The Versatile Vanguards

Choices, choices! Blue Ups can:

  • Rock the same skills as Blue Circles: Wood, Research, and workers.
  • Be a one-trick pony, mastering one resource type.
  • Bring the thunder with abilities like Stun, Wood, and Damage.

Blue Square Squad

These heroes are similar to the Blue Ups, flipping between Wood, Research, and workers and skills that pack a punch with Stun, Wood, and Damage.

Blue Downs: The Jack-of-All-Trades

These cool cats can focus on Wood, Research, and workers, show off with Stun, Wood, and Damage abilities, and even have tricks like Damage and Weapon Regeneration. Plus, they’re resource type maestros too!

Red Circle Rockstars

These heroes are stunners (literally), with skills in Stun, Wood, and Damage, and resource type gurus to boot.

Red Ups: The Damage Dealers

Just like the Red Circles, these heroes excel in the arts of Stun, Wood, and Damage.

Red Square Rebels

The Red Square crew are all about Damage and Weapon Regeneration. They’re your heavy hitters.

Red Downs: The Not-So-Hot Picks

These guys? Meh. It’s best to give them the boot.

Green Circle Guardians

Looking for damage and weapon regen? The Green Circle heroes have got you covered.

Green Ups: The Regenerators

Green Ups heroes are also big on Damage and Weapon Regeneration. They keep the fight going!

Green Square Gurus

All about resources, every Green Square hero can produce the same type. They’re your resource factories!

Green Downs: The Underperformers

And then there’s Green Downs. Like Red Downs, they’re just not up to snuff. Time to say goodbye.

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