How to Get Access for Beta and Date Release in Level Zero

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How to Get Access for Beta and Date Release in Level Zero

There’s a new game in town! It’s called Level Zero, and it promises a thrilling ride. Imagine this: you’re one of four scientists, or even scarier, one of two monsters in a creepy game of cat and mouse. And here’s the best part: it’s not just for PC, but also for Xbox and PlayStation players.

A Little Wait for the Closed Beta

Now, here’s a tiny bump in the road. The folks at Level Zero had planned a sneak peek (that’s a “closed beta” in gamer speak) in 2023. But they want to make everything perfect for you, so they’ve moved it to 2024.

Can’t stand the suspense? Want in on the action early? No problem! Here’s what you gotta do to get a spot in the closed beta:

  1. First, find the Level Zero Closed Beta website. Easy, right?
  2. Next, they’ll ask for your email address. That’s like your ticket in!
  3. Don’t forget the reCAPTCHA thing.
  4. Hit that subscribe button hard!

And then? Well, you play the waiting game. Keep a lookout for an email that asks you to confirm. Click the link.

Level Zero Release Date

Level Zero is set to come alive on your screens in 2023!

But here’s a secret perk – if you’re in the closed beta, you’re basically a VIP. You’ll explore all the spooky, exciting nooks and crannies of the game before anyone else. Plus, your two cents could help make the game even better!

Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure with Level Zero.

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