How to Fix Render Thread From Crashing in ARK: Survival Ascended

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How to Fix Render Thread From Crashing in ARK: Survival Ascended

Hey, fellow gamer! Have you ever found yourself screaming at the screen because of the dreaded “Render Thread” crash in Ark: Survival Evolved? Yeah, me too. It’s like trying to sip a soda, but the straw keeps getting blocked. Annoying, right? Well, guess what? I’ve found some tricks to unblock that straw. Let’s get that game running as smooth as butter!

Let’s Tweak Some Game Settings:

First things first, when you launch the game, look down at the ground – it’s a neat trick to avoid initial crashes. Once you’re safely in, it’s time to make magic in the settings:

  1. Turn Off HLOD: Head to the Graphics section. See the HLOD option? Turn it ON. It’s like cleaning the cobwebs to make the game run smoother.
  2. Say No to Menu Transitions: Find the UI section. There’s this thing about disabling menu transitions. Do it. It’s like turning off those flashy, distracting neon lights.

How About Some Console Command Magic?

You know the secret door to the game’s backstage? The console command? Hit that tilde key (~) and type: ark.VertexCountScaling 1. A little heads up, though – you’ll need to do this every time you play. But trust me, it’s like a secret chant to keep the bad crashes away.

Want Better Graphics Without the Crash?

If you’re feeling adventurous and believe your PC is a beast, try these:

  1. Advanced Graphics: Go big and set it to “High”. It’s like watching a movie in HD. Just… better.
  2. Effects Quality: Again, if your PC is up for it, set this to “High”. But, you know, only if your computer wears a superhero cape.

One More Tip for the Road:

Want even more FPS? Try turning off those fluffy volumetric clouds with this command: r.VolumetricCloud 0. But remember, it’s like choosing between a fancy hat and a faster run – looks vs performance.

A Peek Into My Gaming Life:

I’ve been where you are. Tinkering around, I tested all these fixes flying around in-game, and guess what? Fewer crashes! My gaming rig, with its Intel i5 7400, GTX 1070, and 8 GB RAM, felt like it had a new lease of life with the game running from an M2 SSD. So, yeah, I’m back to enjoying Ark: Survival Evolved without those annoying hiccups.

Stuck at Character Creation?

If you’re banging your head because you can’t get past the character creation, try launching the game with “-dx11”. It’s a temporary fix, but once your character is up and running, restart the game without it. Think of it as using a cheat code to level up!

How to Conquer the Render Thread Crash in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Render Thread crash can be like that one boss level you just can’t beat. But with these tweaks and commands, you’ll be leveling up in no time. Every time you gear up for Ark: Survival Evolved, remember these tips. It’s like having a shield against crashes. So, ready to dive back in and rule the world of Ark? Some tips were taken from CarTrack; check him out 🙂

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