How to Find Gold Coin Tree in Lies of P

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How to Find Gold Coin Tree in Lies of P

So, you’re journeying through the mesmerizing city of Krat. As you trot along, you’ll find fun side quests, cool collectibles, and some super interesting folks. One big mystery you might encounter is about the Gold Tree Fruit. Want to know how to get this unique fruit in Lies of P? Stick with me, and we’ll unravel this together!

Where’s That Gold Coin Tree?

  • You’ll first bump into the Gold Coin Tree and its amazing fruit when you meet a guy named Giangio on the cathedral level.
  • Used to be an alchemist, this guy! He’ll chat with you about a cure for the Petrification Disease, and yep, you guessed it, the Gold Tree Fruit is super important.
  • Keep playing, get past the Malum District, and you’ll find yourself back with Giangio.
  • He’ll spill the beans and show you a quick route to Hotel Krat. Guess what’s been hiding there? Yup, the Gold Coin Tree.

Getting Those Shiny Fruits

Found the Gold Coin Tree? Now, it’s time to grab those shiny fruits. But a quick heads up – this tree isn’t like your everyday fruit tree. It needs a bit of time to grow its fruits back. At the start, you can expect around eight fruits. If you’re keen on getting more, look into some P-Organ upgrades. They’ll pop an extra fruit on the tree roughly every 10 minutes. But hey, the tree only grows its fruit when you’re in the game, so keep checking. And if you’re in a hurry? There are some alchemical boosters that can speed things up, but they’re just a have.

So, What Do You Do With the Gold Tree Fruit?

Giangio will trade you something super cool – a Wishstone Cube. This cube is like a magic box. It does all sorts of great things for you and your Specter buddies. To get these nifty wishstones, just trade in a set number of fruits.

If you’ve ever felt like changing up your character’s style in the game, these fruits can help. When you reach the end of chapter 7, you’ll find the Saintess of Mercy Statue. Here, you can use your fruits to tweak your character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms. It’s like giving your character a total makeover.

Alright, adventure-seeker! Dive into Lies of P, find those Gold Tree Fruits, and explore all the fun things they can do. Have a blast!

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