How to Find All Dinosaur Spawns in Paleo Pines

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How to Find All Dinosaur Spawns in Paleo Pines

If you’ve ever been confused about how to make friends with dinosaurs in the game, you’re not alone. This blog post will clear things up! We’ll take you step by step through the friendship mechanics to help your dinos feel happy and thriving on your ranch. Let’s dive in and unravel these minimally explained secrets!

Making Tulip, the Dino, Your Happy Friend:

The game uses a point system for happiness, but it doesn’t give details about the value of each point or the total points dinos can have. But not to worry! Here’s an example using Tulip to help you understand:

  • She has a dreamstone. Yes – +5 points It is not necessary for the dreamstone to be biome-specific.
  • She has food. Yes – +2 point
  • Her pen is clean. Yes – +2 point
  • She likes her pen size. Yes – +2 points
  •  She likes her pen biome. Yes – +3 points
  •  She has a friend and is a pack dinosaur. Yes – +2 points
  •  She was visited that day. Yes – +1 point
  •  She was petted that day. Yes – +3 points
  • (Optional) She has had her friend call played to her. Yes – +7 points
  • (Optional) She has been taken out on a walk outside the ranch. No – +0 points

But be careful! If you ignore your dino for too long, you might lose friendship points, or the dino might leave. If your dino is a helper and gets upset, they might stop helping until they’re happy again. So be a good dino parent!

The Updated ‘Tier’ System Explained:

We used to guess how the ‘Tier System’ worked, but now we have new info! It takes different amounts of time to befriend different dinos. This is shown by a hidden ‘trust meter’.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: Starts as a Friend.
  • Others: Utahraptor, Therizinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, and Baryonyx all start at the same point.

Knowing about the trust meter helps you understand how to become best friends with your dinos!

Great job! Now you understand how to make your dinos happy and healthy. Pay attention to their needs, do things they like, and build trust. Have fun with your new dino friends and happy gaming!

Boosting Your Helper Dino’s Stamina and Happiness:

Stamina is super important in Dino Rancher. As your dino levels up, they can do more things. But what if they get tired and there’s still work? This guide will give you tips to keep your helper dino’s stamina high and mood happy.

Leveling Up Increases Stamina:

As your dino levels up by gaining experience points, their stamina increases naturally. This happens as you play and finish tasks on the ranch.

Feeding Poppins to Get Stamina Back:

If your dino is tired but there’s still work, feeding them a poppin can refill their stamina. But use poppins carefully since they’re also used to tame creatures. It might be best to use this trick for dinos at higher levels with more stamina. That way, you’re not just getting a little stamina back for one poppin.


How to Keep Your Dino Happy:

Making sure your dino is happy is key for their work on the ranch, as a cheerful dino is a hard-working one! The game doesn’t exactly spell out the happiness rules, but there are neat little tricks to boost it efficiently.

How the Trust Meter Works:

Every dino has a trust meter showing how much they trust you. For example, Lucky will always trust you enough to stay at the Helper level.  Knowing how this meter works helps you understand your dino’s feelings and lets you interact in the best way.

Learning as You Go:

The game wants you to learn by doing. It might not explain everything about stamina and happiness, but you’ll get the hang of it as you play. Feel free to try different things to see what makes your dino happiest and most energetic!

To wrap things up, keeping an eye on your dino’s stamina and joy is super important for a smooth time in Dino Rancher. Leveling up, using wisely, and understanding that trust meter will help keep your helper dino both happy and ready to work. Remember, it might be better to use when your dino is at a higher level with more stamina to refill. And don’t forget: learning by doing is the way to go. Happy ranching!

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