How to Find All Clapper Locations in Minecraft Universal Event

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How to Find All Clapper Locations in Minecraft Universal Event

Hey there, Minecraft and Universal Studios fans! Get ready for a super cool event happening from December 19 to December 22 in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You’re in for a treat as you dive into this awesome collaboration, the Minecraft x Universal Event. Your mission? Finding 12 hidden clappers sounds fun, right? Let’s dive into where you can find these hidden gems.

Unleash Your Imagination in the Universal Event

Once you jump into the Universal event in Minecraft, there’s so much to see and do! Keep an eye on your ticket count and clapperboard discoveries in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

The Clapper Hunt Begins

Ready for a cool treasure hunt? Each clapper you find gets you 15 tickets and ups your clapper count. Find all 12, and you’ll get the super cool Clapper Back item – log out and back in to claim it in the Character Creator. Plus, there are loads of other prizes to win along the way, so have a blast exploring!

Unveiling the Clapper Locations

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Some of these clappers are pretty sneaky, but we’ve got the inside scoop on where to find them in the Minecraft Universal Event:

  1. Behind the spinning Universal Globe: When you spawn, turn left, and you’ll see the first clapper hiding right behind that cool spinning globe.
  2. Above the green screen: From the spawn point, go right towards the hat store. Climb the stairs, and you’ll find a clapper chilling above the huge green screen.
  3. Behind the red curtain: Pop into the hat store on the left of the spawn area. There’s a clapper waiting for you behind a mysterious red curtain.
  4. The leap of faith: Wander around the toy store until you spot a fire hydrant. Jump on it to reach the second floor, where another clapper is waiting.
  5. Scaling new heights: Take the side street near the Bank Heist minigame. Look for another fire hydrant that’ll boost you up to a balcony with a clapper.
  6. Ascending the stairs: From spawn, head straight, pass the studio tour, and go to the back of the Director Says minigame. Climb the stairs to find a clapper.
  7. Rooftop pursuit: Next to the Director Says minigame, use a fire hydrant to reach a roof. Jump across to a balcony for another clapper.
  8. Hidden doorway: Right of spawn, near the Western area entrance, find a hidden doorway behind vines. Inside, there’s a clapper waiting.
  9. Aiming high: Go into the Target Practice minigame building, head right, and up the stairs. Outside on the sandy area, you’ll find another clapper.

Get ready for an epic quest to collect all 12 clappers in the Minecraft x Universal Event. Embrace your creativity, face the challenges, and enjoy the rewards. Happy hunting!

Exploring Shrek’s Swamp

In Shrek’s Swamp, turn around to see a clapper near the sign’s back. Jump onto a red mushroom below it, then onto the earthen wall. Or, parkour around the tree to reach it.

Inside Shrek’s House

Inside Shrek’s house, head right past Fiona. Find an opening at the back and climb the vines on the left for the next clapper.

Exploring Universal Studios Lot

At the Universal Studios lot, look for a house with red flowers behind the shark. There’s a small opening on the side leading to a hidden clapper inside.

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