How to Find All Artifacts and Gems in Roboquest

How to Find All Artifacts and Gems in Roboquest 1 -
How to Find All Artifacts and Gems in Roboquest 1 -

How to Find All Artifacts and Gems in Roboquest

Hey there, fellow Roboquest enthusiasts! Ready to find all those elusive artifacts and power-packed gems? Let’s dive into the world of Roboquest and uncover every hidden treasure, from the sneaky Explorer Slippers to the mighty Hero Cape.

Explorer Slippers

Ever stepped in acid pools? Ouch, right? Not anymore! The Explorer Slippers cut that damage down by 35%. Here’s a tip: grab a shovel and start digging in the first area to find these lifesavers.

Pogo Stick

Love high jumps? The Pogo Stick’s got you covered. Crouch in holes to build up that impressive leap. And guess what? You can find this gem with a lonely robot chilling in the quarry.


Who doesn’t like speed? Zoom around with a 12% speed boost for 6 seconds after grinding. Feels like flying, doesn’t it?

Hero Cape

Unleash your inner hero with the Hero Cape. Ground slam your way through enemies for up to 200% damage based on travel distance. Keep an eye out for a bot in the Fields with this cape, frozen in ice – a little fire will do the trick!

Business Briefcase

Leveling up just got better! Grab a free power cell each time you level up. Just chat with the Ruins camp bot at the start and offer up a power cell on three different runs. Easy, right?

Battery Burger

Feeling a bit low on health? Regain 0.5 health for every power cell you spend. Now, that’s what I call power snacking!

Cooking Gloves

Upgrade your weapons without breaking the bank. Slash those upgrade costs by 1 with the right card in hand. Handy, isn’t it?


Look cool and hit harder with these stylish shades. Deal 30% more damage at the cost of taking 25% more. Unlock these bad boys by beating the game once. Challenge accepted?


Fly high with the Jetpack! Just hold the jump button and soar. You’ll find it in Haven City – just give the bot the nose piece from somewhere else.

Grappling Hook

Who doesn’t love a good grappling hook? Press E to shoot, deal 20 damage, and feel the impact. This cool tool is waiting for you in the batcave, but you’ll need 6 gems to open the door.

Metal Detector

Last but not least, the Metal Detector. Easily spot those data logs on your map. No more hide and seek with your valuable info!

There you have it, friends – your complete guide to nabbing all the artifacts and gems in Roboquest. Happy hunting!

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