How to Easily Unlock All Perks in Dungeons 4

How to Easily Unlock All Perks in Dungeons 4 1 -
How to Easily Unlock All Perks in Dungeons 4 1 -

How to Easily Unlock All Perks in Dungeons 4

Hey there, fellow gamers! Have you been grinding through Dungeons 4 and wondering how to snag all the perks without slogging through every campaign? Well, I’ve got a neat little trick for you. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be decked out with all the perks in no time!

Step 1: Go to Config File

First up, let’s get technical (but not too technical). You’ll need to access the configuration file. Here’s how: Open up C:\Users\${USER}\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 4\config-profile.cfg using any text editor. Oh, and don’t forget to swap out ${USER} with your actual Windows username.

Step 2: The Hunt for Perks

Next, you’re going on a little treasure hunt within the file. Scroll down to the very end and look for entries starting with campaign. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but hang in there!

Step 3: Tweak or Add Your Perk Entry

Here’s where the magic happens. You’ve got two choices: either change the existing perks entry or add a new one if it’s not there. Just add or modify this line: campaign.unlockedevilperks=. Make sure this line is all by itself, no buddies around.

Open file:
C:\Users\${USER}\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 4\config-profile.cfg

where ${USER} is your Windows account.

At the end of the file you will see entries that start with

modify (or add if it doesn’t exist):

campaign.unlockedevilperks=evilperk_skill_tentacle evilperk_skill_callback evilperk_skill_storm evilperk_thalya_xp evilperk_demons_research evilperk_horde_research evilperk_undead_minions evilperk_general_traps_and_doors evilperk_horde_xp evilperk_undead_research evilperk_demons_damage_evilness evilperk_general_research evilperk_general_snots evilperk_general_payday_guru evilperk_thalya_health evilperk_thalya_damage evilperk_undead_turned_hero evilperk_general_evil_traps evilperk_general_damage

Step 4: Save and Play

Almost done! Save your changes and fire up the game. And voila! You should see all those shiny perks unlocked and ready for action. Enjoy being the master of perks in Dungeons 4!

Remember, a little tweaking can go a long way. Now, go forth and conquer those dungeons with all the perks at your fingertips!

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