How to Defeat Smithy in Super Mario RPG: Tips and Tricks

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How to Defeat Smithy in Super Mario RPG: Tips and Tricks

Hey there, gamers! Ready to tackle the tough guy Smithy in Super Mario RPG? This boss is no joke with his wide-reaching attacks and sneaky tricks. Keep an eye on his toolset of tricks, those sneaky enemy mobs popping up, and his head-switching shenanigans to stay ahead of the game.

How to Defeat Smithy in Super Mario RPG: Tips and Tricks 2 -
How to Defeat Smithy in Super Mario RPG: Tips and Tricks 2 –

Best Squad to Take Down Smithy

Going up against Smithy, I found the dream team of Mario, Geno, and Peach works like a charm. Each has their own superhero move that really turns the tide. Here’s how I played it:

Geno is your big hitter. When you’ve got enough flower points (FP), let him loose with Geno Blast and Geno Flash. These moves are like a bolt of lightning, zapping Smithy’s HP big time.

Then there’s Peach, the team’s guardian angel. When things look grim, her Group Hug ability is a lifesaver, literally. She keeps everyone on their feet and fighting.

As for Mario, he’s your steady Eddie. Good ol’ reliable attacks, with the occasional surprise splash damage. Plus, he’s on syrup duty, keeping our FP tank topped up with Maple Syrup items.

Tackling Smithy’s First Phase: All-Out Abilities and Dodging Disaster

Phase 1 of the Smithy showdown is a real thrill. Watch out for those extra mobs he calls in with his Smelter. They pack a punch with moves like Sword Rain. Best strategy? Go big or go home with area-of-effect attacks. If you’re stuck with regular moves, keep your eyes on the prize: Smithy himself.

Be on your toes for Smithy’s killer moves, like the fiery Meteor Swarm and the bone-jarring Sledge. Both can hit everyone in your squad. Meteor Swarm is a magical menace, while Sledge is a physical powerhouse.

Nailing Smithy’s Second Act: Power Moves and Smart Strategies

Once you’ve got Smithy’s HP down in Phase 1, hold on to your hats! You and the baddie take a plunge down a chasm, and Phase 2 kicks off. Though he loses his Smelter and minions, Smithy’s still armed to the teeth with attacks and spells.

Now, Smithy’s a shapeshifter, swapping between two heads:

Tank Head: Time for a Magical Beatdown

When Smithy’s sporting his tank head, magic is your best friend. Zap him with your strongest spells and watch him crumble.

Clown Head: Go Physical or Go Home

Switch gears when he goes clown mode. This is when you hit him with everything you’ve got – the old one-two punch.

Stay sharp, play smart, and soon you’ll be watching that epic ending cutscene, with a whole new world of post-game content waiting for you. Go get ’em, champ!

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