How to Complete the Voidwalker Quest in WoW Classic

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How to Complete the Voidwalker Quest in WoW Classic

Hey there, fellow Warlocks! Are you ready to upgrade from your Imp to something more powerful? If you’re nodding yes, then it’s time to get your hands on a Voidwalker! Here’s your friendly guide to summoning this cool demon in WoW Classic Hardcore and Season of Discovery. Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

Reaching Level 10

First things first, you gotta hit level 10. This is when the magic happens (literally!). As a Warlock, the Voidwalker is your second demon pal. Once you’re level 10, high-tail it over to your trainer and keep an eye out for an NPC chilling near a shiny symbol on the ground. Here’s where you can find them:
– Undercity (X:86, Y:25): Meet Crendin Halgar.
– Stormwind City (X: 25, Y:77): Say hi to Gakin the Darkbinder.
– Orgrimmar (X:48, Y:45): Hang out with Gan’rul Bloodeye.

Retrieving the Request Item

Okay, so each NPC gives you a different quest, but the goal’s the same. You need to grab a special item to learn the Voidwalker summoning skills. Here’s where to look, depending on your quest city:
– Undercity: Head to Tirisfal Glades (X:51, Y:67).
– Stormwind City: Journey to Elwynn Forest (X:69, Y:79).
– Orgrimmar: Explore Durotar (X:55, Y:10) – you’ll find the item in a cave at these coordinates.

Completing “The Binding” Quest

Got the item? Awesome! Zip back to your quest giver to start “The Binding.” This is where you get to summon a Voidwalker for the first time. But remember, you can only do this at those funky summoning glyphs. They’re hard to miss!

For the Stormwind crew, your glyph is in a basement. It’s a bit of a maze, so start from the sloping walkway, head down, turn right, then left, and left again at the final stairs. When you spot the glyph, summon your Voidwalker and get ready to rumble. Defeat it, and bam! You can now summon your very own Voidwalker whenever you like. Pro tip: Use a Weak Troll’s Blood Potion for health and Lesser Healing Potions for mana. You’ll thank me later!

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