How to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield

How to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield 1 -
How to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield 1 -

How to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield

So, let’s chat about this thrilling mission as a Freestar Collective Ranger. The stakes? Chasing down Marco Graziani after wrapping up the Shadows in Neon quest. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves locating and capturing Graziani, a significant figure in the First smuggling group.

What’s the big deal about Graziani? Well, he’s got some seriously important intel about a stolen ship. As a ranger with a reputation to uphold, you’re the go-to person to find him and get that info.

Brace yourself for a wild ride. We’re talking high-speed chases across vibrant streets and into the shadows of a neon-infused city. And hey, don’t forget to flex your detective muscles to pick up on any clues about Graziani’s location.

And here’s a quick heads up: Time’s ticking. With the fate of that stolen ship (and all its secrets) on the line, it’s all on you to ensure Graziani faces the music.

Discovering the Red Mile in Starfield

Okay, if you’re scouting for the next cool spot in Starfield, let me point you toward the Red Mile. It’s over at the lively Porrima III planet in the equally lively Porrima star system. Think of it as the go-to hotspot for every space adventurer.

Plotting a course? Just find Cheyenne on your star map and look slightly below it to locate the Porrima star system. Once you land on Porrima III, follow the signs to the Red Mile, and you’re in!

What’s in store? Inside the Red Mile, there’s a whole universe of cool stuff to dive into. Need a stellar crew member? Check. On the hunt for unique spaceship gear? Gotcha. Fancy some adrenaline-pumping space races? Oh, they’ve got that too. Plus, it’s the gathering spot for all sorts of intriguing characters offering neat quests.

Bottom line: The Red Mile in Starfield is the place to be. Pack your bags, set your course, and get ready for some space-sized fun!

Getting to Know Autumn MacMillan at The Red Mile

Once you’re exploring The Red Mile, head over to the bar. That’s where you’ll bump into Autumn MacMillan, one of the sharp minds from the Freestar Rangers. She’s got some juicy details about Marco Graziani that might pique your interest.

Have a chat with Autumn, get to know her a bit, and uncover some of the mission’s intricacies. She’s not just a source of info; her character adds a whole new layer to your Starfield journey.

June’s Story: Smuggling, Sisterhood, and Seeking Justice

Follow Autumn from the bar, and you’re in for another surprise. Meet June. Not only is she Autumn’s sis, but she’s also the brain behind a thriving smuggling gig. The twist? She drops a bombshell about Marco’s crew and their involvement in a ship heist that targeted some unsuspecting farmers.

June, seeing the bigger picture, reaches out for your help. With Marco causing chaos, she’s hell-bent on bringing him to justice. Given her deep dives into the smuggling world, she’s got the 411 on Marco’s moves. She’s confident that, with your skills combined, there’s a shot at gathering enough evidence to expose his shady dealings.

The ball’s in your court now. With June’s intel and drive and the weight of justice on your side, are you geared up to challenge Marco?

Strike Up a Chat with Mei Devine

Before you jet, don’t forget to chat with Mei Devine, the boss lady of The Red Mile. Start the convo with a simple, “I’m on the hunt for Marco Graziani.” Mei, being in the know, confirms she’s crossed paths with Marco and even hints at a potential meet-up. But there’s a catch: She’d like you to show off your racing chops at the Red Mile race first.

Mastering the Red Mile Challenge

Ready for a heart-pumping challenge? The Red Mile race is your ultimate test. Navigating its tricky path, you’ll deal with unexpected turns and rival racers. Planning ahead is your key to victory.

First things first: Don’t get bogged down. Shed that extra weight by ditching items you won’t need during the race. It’s all about being light on your feet, giving you that much-needed agility.

And hey, think about gearing up with a spacesuit, a trusty pack, and a helmet. Trust me, they’re game-changers. They’ll shield you from any rough patches and surprises the terrain throws your way.

And here’s a pro tip: Amp and Frostwolf aids can be your best pals. They’ll crank up your speed, helping you zip through the race and stay ahead of the pack. Stock up on these before you start, okay?

The Red Mile isn’t just a stroll in the park. It tests your grit, brain, and game plan. So, take a deep breath and ask yourself: Are you geared up to ace this?

Diving into Starfield’s vast universe, there’s this thrilling mission called “On the Run“. Imagine you’re part of a heart-racing escape, darting through cosmic wonders, all while outwitting foes hot on your trail.

What are the mission’s stakes? Sky-high! You’re being hounded by a ruthless enemy, determined to catch you. The rush is real. You’ve got to be nimble, crafty, and always a step ahead to slip past them.

As you weave through this mission, expect awe-inspiring sceneries, memorable encounters, and mind-bending secrets that’ll shape Starfield’s storyline. And every choice you make? It echoes in the cosmos, shaping your journey’s outcome.

What’s more, the “On the Run” mission promises an epic blend of gripping narrative and jaw-dropping visuals. Whether you’re a newbie or a Starfield pro, this mission packs in the thrills, suspense, and a truckload of adventure.

So, strap in, feel the adrenaline, and dive into the “On the Run” mission in Starfield. The universe is counting on you. Will you race past the challenges and secure victory? Or will the cosmic maze stump you? The ball’s in your court.

Linking Up with Marco

In the aftermath of your Red Mile escapade, Mei, your reliable ally, clues you in about a rendezvous with Marco. The catch? He’s chilling on Codos, a mesmerizing moon orbiting Akila. And here’s a little bonus: Feel like reliving the thrill of the Red Mile? Head back for fresh challenges and snag cool rewards courtesy of Mei Devine. And before jetting off to Codos, maybe catch up with Autumn MacMillan. She might have some golden nuggets of advice for you.

Zeroing in on Marco’s Hangout

Are you wondering where to find Marco? He’s aboard the Fortuna ship, anchored on Codos. To get there, whip out your star map and zoom in on the Cheyenne system. Once you spot Planet Akila, pick Codos from the list. Now, as you scout around Codos, look for the prominent Fortuna landmark. That’s where Marco has parked his ship. But, a heads-up: Marco rolls with some heavy-duty security, thanks to his ties with the First. So, while you can stroll in all friendly-like, going in guns blazing will get things heated real quick. Just… be smart about it, alright?

Securing the Encrypted Slate: Smooth Talk or Showdown?

Once you step foot on the Fortuna, there he is, Marco Graziani. He’s got what you need – an encrypted slate with some top-secret info. Now, here’s the million-dollar question: Do you lock horns with Marco, or do you entertain his alluring offer?

So, you’ve encountered Marco and torn between engaging in combat or opting for a more peaceful approach? Well, here’s a bit of insight to help you out. If you decide to test your combat prowess against Marco, you’ll have the chance to snag the encrypted slate forcefully. It sounds tempting, right? Just remember that this move might stir the pot and take things in an unexpected direction.

Alternatively, why not give negotiating a shot? Marco’s open to bribing you, which means you could snag that slate without any punches thrown. This path is all about playing your cards right and understanding the nuances of the situation. But hey, no pressure! The ultimate aim is to get that slate however you choose to do it. Remember, every choice has its ripple effect, so think things through and prepare for the aftermath.

The Straightforward Option: Taking Marco Down

Going toe-to-toe with Marco during the On the Run mission is a clear-cut choice. Overpower him, and you’ll find yourself richer in terms of some handy items that can be game-changers for your journey. Once he’s down, don’t forget to pocket the encrypted slate, his keycard, some cool weapons, and a bit of cash. A word of caution: squaring off against Marco will put you on the radar of others on the Fortuna ship. They won’t be happy, so be ready to defend yourself and maybe hustle a bit to get out safely.

Considering Marco’s Offer

Now, Marco’s not just about fists and fights. He’ll try to sway you with a 2,000-credit bribe, meant as a donation to the Freestar Collective. Tempting, huh? If you’re leaning towards the “Negotiation” dialogue option, this route doesn’t drastically alter your mission. But let’s chat about relationships for a second. If you’ve got a soft spot for Sarah or Sam Coe, think twice before accepting Marco’s bribe. Money’s great, but it might just put a wedge between you and your potential romantic interest. Weigh the pros and cons and consider how this choice might play out in the long run.

Heading Back with the Encrypted Slate

Got the slate? Awesome! Now, make a beeline to Akila and drop by the Freestar Collective Rangers building. Alex Shadid will be waiting, and handing over the slate will net you a sweet 350 XP and a cool 5,000 credits. It’s a nice pat on the back for your hard work and smarts.

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