How to Complete Overdesigned Quest in Starfield

How to Complete Overdesigned Quest in Starfield 1 -
How to Complete Overdesigned Quest in Starfield 1 -

How to Complete Overdesigned Quest in Starfield

So, you’re looking to tackle the Overdesigned quest? Here’s the deal: Begin by helping out Walter Stroud with a few tasks. Find him hanging at The Lodge in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison, part of the Alpha Centauri System. After you’re done assisting him with the All That Money Can Buy quest, Walter will ask for another hand. This time, he’ll send you off to the Narion Solar System to help his crew design a cool new starship. And just like that, you’re in the middle of the Overdesigned quest.

How to Complete Overdesigned and Get the Kepler-R Ship

When you chat with Walter, he’ll clue you in about helping the Research and Development gang at Stroud-Eklund Staryard. They’re having some design hiccups. Even if Walter’s reasoning might sound odd, it’s a good idea to stick with it. After all, there’s a shiny new ship waiting for you at the end!

The quest has two ship options for you: the Class-C Kepler-R and the Class-B Kepler S. Between the two, the Class-B Kepler S stands out, being all snazzy and efficient. So, let’s aim for this one.

Where to Head Next? Stroud-Eklund Staryards!

You’re headed to a station that orbits Dalvik, the moon of Deepala in the Narion Solar System. Once there, dock your ship and get ready for the next step.

How to Find Jules

Next up, it’s time to meet Jules. Make your way through the lobby, take a left, and walk through those brown and orange doors. You’ll find Jules at a long table, deep in a meeting with other researchers. Heads up, she might not be in the best of moods, but remember, we’re here with a mission.

Tackling the Budget Dilemma

Here’s the big decision: picking between a small budget or a large budget. Want that top-tier ship? Go with the larger budget. But if you’re curious about what each choice leads to, here’s the breakdown:

Smaller Budget:

Your goal is to persuade Frank to let go of some design ideas. You’ll need to pass a Persuasion check with at least six points. Got the Negotiation skill? Throw in some credits, and you’re golden. Afterwards, move to the next phase.

Bigger Budget:

For this one, it’s about convincing Jules to approve the bigger budget. The catch? Another Persuasion check, six points minimum. Unlike Frank, Jules won’t budge with negotiation, making this a tad tougher. Nail this, and you’re onto the next bit.

Time to Chat with the Board

If you’re aiming for the best ship, you can skip this. But if you’re up for some insights, let’s dive into what the folks at the table have to say. You never know, some of their ideas might end up in the ships.

Ella Chaudhry – She’s all about exploration. Think: more fuel and longer jumps.

Mike Ababio – He’s pitching a big ship with room for cargo, basic weapons, and shields.

Meet Nev Papadopoulos: Thinking Family and Fun

Nev Papadopoulos dreams of a ship that’s perfect for **family and fun times**. His vision? A **mid-sized** ship with lots of room for everyone on board. No heavy weaponry or science stuff here. It’s all about comfort.

Frank Yilmaz’s Dream: Ultimate Luxury

**Frank Yilmaz** is thinking **luxury all the way**. His **mid-sized** ship idea has plenty of space and promises a **rich and comfy ride**. It’s more about feeling good and staying safe than going on the offense.

Enter Jules: Small but Mighty

**Jules**, on the flip side, has a **compact and powerful** ship in mind. It packs a punch with **solid weapons** and **robust defenses**. Plus, it’s nifty, darting around swiftly.

While **Frank Yilmaz** is all about the plush life, **Jules** has her eyes on a ship that can stand its ground.

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