How to Complete Exfil in COD MW3 Zombies Guide

How to Complete Exfil in COD MW3 Zombies Guide 1 -
How to Complete Exfil in COD MW3 Zombies Guide 1 -

How to Complete Exfil in COD MW3 Zombies Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of extracting from the zombie-filled chaos in COD MW3 Zombies? Worry not! I’m here to guide you through the maze of undead with some savvy strategies. Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Extraction Point Essentials

Amongst the chaos, keep your eyes peeled for those tell-tale green smoke signals. They’re your lifeline. Also, don’t forget to check your Tac Map for the blue man running through a door icon – that’s where you need to be.

How to Call the Extraction Chopper?

Got your eyes on a smoke signal? Great! Head over there and interact with it. This will bring in your ride out – the extraction chopper. But here’s a twist: a two-minute countdown starts in secret.

Zombie Defense

Those two minutes? They’re going to be intense. Expect a flood of zombies. Clear enough of them to ensure a safe landing for your chopper.

Boarding the Chopper

When the chopper lands, you’ll see a 35-second timer. That’s your window to board. The timer drops to 10 seconds. Miss it, and the chopper leaves without you – so hustle!

The Aftermath: Opportunities Post-Exfil

Decide to stay on the ground? Use the remaining zombies to your advantage – level up weapons, complete challenges, or whatever else you fancy. Just remember, you’ll have a brief break before the exfil marker reactivates, and the zombie numbers will dwindle until the next extraction chance.

Armed with these tips, you’re now set to conquer the challenges of MW3 Zombies and ace your exfiltration missions.

Timing Is Everything: Knowing When to Extract in MWZ

Starting out in Modern Warfare Zombies can be a whirlwind. To ace your game, it’s crucial to know the perfect moment for an exfil.

Here’s what to watch for:

  • Loaded up on essentials from the Buy Stations? That’s a good sign it’s time to head out.
  • Completed a bunch of Act challenges? They’re not just for fun – they prepare you for what’s next.
  • If your bag’s packed with rare, high-value loot, consider making a break for it.
  • And, aim to have at least 10 minutes to spare – it gives you breathing room to make a safe exit.

Regular extracts are a smart move, especially for beginners. They help you build up a reserve of perks and gear, setting you up for success in the world of MWZ.

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