How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go Guide

How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go Guide 1 -
How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go Guide 1 -

How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go Guide

Hey there, Pokemon GO enthusiasts! Ever been on the edge of your seat trying to snag that tricky Ditto? Whether you’re tackling the Let’s Go, Meltan (3 of 9) quest or diving into A Mythical Discovery (5 of 8), catching Ditto can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But fret not! We’ve got some cool tips and insights to help you track down this master of disguise, including the lowdown on its shiny version.

Top Tips for Trapping Ditto in Pokemon GO

Ready to boost your Ditto-catching game? As of the December 11, 2023 Adamant Time Pokemon GO update, Ditto’s been playing hide and seek as these critters:

  • Goldeen – the splashy swimmer
  • Koffing – the puffball of smoke
  • Oddish – the adorable bluebell
  • Rhyhorn – the rockin’ rhino

Keep your eyes peeled for these guys. When you catch them, you might just uncover a Ditto in disguise!

Shiny Ditto? Yes, It’s Real!

How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go Guide 2 -
How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go Guide 2 –

Guess what? Ditto can shine too! Originally a special guest in a 2021 quest, shiny Ditto’s now out and about in the wild. But here’s the kicker – its shiny odds are a rare 1 in 64.

Shiny hunters, here’s a twist: if you bump into a shiny that Ditto can mimic, it won’t be Ditto. You gotta catch the regular version first, and bam! – it might just morph into a shiny Ditto. And once you’ve got Ditto, it’s yours; no running away from this one.

So, whether you’re on a special task or just gotta catch ’em all, keep these tips in mind. Ditto might be elusive, but with a bit of know-how and persistence, you’ll have it joining your crew in no time. Happy hunting!

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