How to Beat the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P

How to Beat the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P 1 -
How to Beat the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P 1 -

How to Beat the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P

So, you’re trying to beat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P? Let me tell you, the right weapon choice can make a world of difference. While you might find success with a variety of weapons, the rapier really shines in this battle. And if you’re thinking, “I didn’t pick the rapier at the start,” don’t sweat it. There’s a merchant near the punching puppet, right before the boss area, who can hook you up.

This Parade Master isn’t your average foe. It’s nimbler than that chunky policeman puppet/robot you met while fetching the railway key. Watch out for these signature moves from the boss:

  1. Belly Flop
  2. Charge Attack
  3. Sweep Attack, which can be with one or both hands

And here’s a little heads-up for you: Sometimes, the boss mixes things up with a red attack during its charge. Trust me, trying to block this one is a bad idea. Instead, aim for that perfect dodge by hitting the dodge button right at the last second.

Once you’ve dodged its moves, it’s your time to shine. Go in with a series of light attacks. If it does the belly flop, you can go for a quick three-hit combo. For its other moves? Aim for about two hits. But keep those reflexes sharp – if it goes from a one-hand to a two-hand sweep, you’ll need to be on your toes and ready to dodge.

Now, I’d advise against getting too fancy with heavy attacks. Your best bet? Stick to those light attacks. After you’ve chipped away at its health a bit, the Parade Master will toss its hat and part of its face, using them like a club. Sounds wild, right?

You might think to keep your distance because of the new weapon’s reach, but the game plan hasn’t changed: dodge at the very last second. When it goes for a horizontal swing, dodge and hit back with some light attacks. If it comes in with a vertical swing, dodge it and watch for the follow-up. Because, yes, after that first slam, it’ll try to hit you with a couple more vertical smashes. Keep up with your dodges and counter-attacks, and that Parade Master will be history in no time.

And that’s the lowdown on how to tackle the Parade Master boss in Lies of P. With these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to come out on top. Good luck!

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