How can you cure the Petrified Girl in Lords of the Fallen?

How can you cure the Petrified Girl in Lords of the Fallen? 1 -
How can you cure the Petrified Girl in Lords of the Fallen? 1 -

How can you cure the Petrified Girl in Lords of the Fallen?

So, you’re diving into the enthralling universe of Lords of the Fallen, right? Picture this: you’re traipsing through tricky terrains, grabbing cool loot, and bumping into all sorts of intriguing side quests. But hey, there’s this one that really sticks out – the mystery of the Petrified Girl stuck in the creepy Forsaken Fen swamps. Sounds like a real adventure, huh?

Breaking the Curse: Saving the Petrified Girl

Here’s the scoop: the whole rescue gig hinges on snagging the Sanctify spell. You’ll find it in a chest, chilling up at the Skyrest Bridge. But here’s the kicker – you need a solid Radiance level of 18 and a trusty Catalyst to make the magic happen. Get this, and you’re set to break the curse and move the story along. Ready for the ride?

Strap in, because you’re about to wrestle with wicked landscapes, unearth cool secrets, and solve mind-boggling mysteries tucked away in Lords of the Fallen.

Where to Find and How to Help the Petrified Lady

You’ll spot the Petrified Girl in the eerie Forsaken Fen, cozied up next to a huge bonfire. You’ve got some serious vine hacking or door smashing to do to reach her. Once in, she’ll beg for your help to break free from her stony nightmare. Could you turn down such a plea?

Where’s That Sanctify Spell Again?

The life-changing Sanctify spell? Oh, it’s stashed in a chest at Skyrest Bridge. You’ll need to take a shrine teleport, hustle through a hallway, dash up some stairs, and bam! You’re there. But remember, wielding this spell isn’t child’s play—you need that Radiance level of 18 and a Catalyst. No Catalyst? No problem! Nab one from Molhu hanging around the bridge, and trade in some Vigor points.

Back at the cave? Time to shine! Whip out that spell by hitting your lantern or crossbow buttons. Make sure you’re close enough, though; she needs to feel the magic! Watch as the spell does its thing, bringing her back to life. Pretty awesome, right?

Finishing Up the Quest

Almost there, buddy! Your stone-turned-flesh friend isn’t high maintenance. She wants you to chill for a day before popping by again. So, kick back and relax at a Vestige, your home away from home in this wild world.

How to Reconnect with Your Mysterious Friend

No swamp slogging this time, promise! Just step outside her cave, plant a Vestige Seedling right in the flowerbed, and you’re golden.

End of the Road: The Journey Concludes

All rested up? Great, time for a heart-to-heart with your rocky rescue. She’s all thanks and smiles before she takes off. But wait, there’s more! Your bravery just earned you a sweet prize – Wilmarc’s Catalyst. Imagine, four whole spell slots! That’s some serious magic muscle, way beyond your old Catalyst. Who’s the hero now?

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