Honkai: Star Rail – How to beat Phantylia the Undying

Honkai: Star Rail – How to beat Phantylia the Undying 1 - steamlists.com
Honkai: Star Rail – How to beat Phantylia the Undying 1 - steamlists.com

Honkai: Star Rail – How to beat Phantylia the Undying

Yo, Gather ‘Round:
We’re talkin’ about Phantylia, the big, bad, and meanie boss in Honkai: Star Rail. This one’s a beast, no joke. So, let’s chat about some pro tips to kick some serious Phantylia booty. We’ve got the low-down on everything from your squad to boss fights. Let’s jump in and make sure your next face-off with Phantylia will be remembered!

Your Dream Team vs. Phantylia in Honkai: Star Rail:

To ace this brawl, you have to pick the right champs. Phantylia is a sucker for Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary elements. So, folks like Blade, Welt, Sampo, Luocha, Bronya, and even Seele (yeah, even with her Quantum thing) are top picks. No Luocha? No sweat, tag in Natasha. Or anyone else with an element Phantylia’s a wimp against, like Serval or Dan Heng, will do the job.

Oh, and don’t forget to get a taunter or a shielder on board. Fire Trailblazer is solid, but don’t rule out March 7th – she’s got the power to wipe out debuffs, which can be a total lifesaver.

Sending Phantylia to Sleep – Round One:

Round one, guys and it’s all about the lotuses. They suck up your skill points when they strut their stuff. So, if you’ve got a hero who can single out targets, hit those pesky lotuses hard to save your skill points. But if you’ve got someone like Sampo or Welt, who can hit more than one target, use their skills to damage Phantylia and the lotuses. And hey, busting a lotus gives your skill points a boost!

Squashing Phantylia – Round Two:

Round two, and the lotuses are at it again, this time blocking off chunks of your HP bars. But don’t waste your energy on them. Instead, pummel Phantylia with everything you’ve got. Get your heroes like Luocha, Natasha, or March 7th, who can cleanse your team to brush off any nasty debuffs. And if you’re rocking Fire Trailblazer, get them to taunt the enemy so you can keep your squad in check.

Taking Down Phantylia – The Showdown:

Final round, peeps and Phantylia’s getting desperate, calling in all kinds of lotuses. Here’s how you keep your cool:

  1. Use multi-hit, AoE, and Ultimate skills to really lay into Phantylia.
  2. If Seele’s on your team, she can zap those lotuses out of existence.
  3. For heroes who can only hit one target, take down the lotuses that leech skill points (the yellow ones).
  4. Get someone to distract the enemy by taunting them.
  5. Make sure to cleanse any heroes hit by the HP-shrinking debuff.
  6. If you can’t cleanse, get a shield up on the affected heroes to protect them from Phantylia’s AoE smacks.
  7. Keep your head in the game, and heroes like Lightning Lord and Dan Heng will keep chipping away at Phantylia’s health.

Let’s Hear Your Strategies:

Got your own killer move to take down Phantylia in Honkai: Star Rail? We’d love to hear your epic fight stories in the comments below!

Remember, honing your skills and sticking with it is the secret sauce for taking down tough cookies like Phantylia. Keep these tips and tricks in your back pocket, and you’ll be primed to go the distance in your next clash. Good luck, and may the Honkai gods favor the bold!

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