HoloCure – Save the Fans! – How to get passive income guide

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HoloCure – Save the Fans! – How to get passive income guide 2 - steamlists.com

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Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about HoloCure – Save the Fans! – How to get passive income Follow this guide step by step.

These useful tips will help you how to get passive income and gain XP

– – – – Recruiting – – – –

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What is the best way to start the Worker game?

Visit the bulletin board in Holo House, located to the southeast. This board provides basic information regarding the Worker’s minigame. Select the Read option. Select the Hire option to hire a new worker. You can create an advertisement that will randomly generate six workers whose qualities are based on the Manager rank. Choose one, and it will be added into the pen located east of the bulletin boards. The worker then uses their Stamina based on Efficiency to generate Holocoins. Once their Stamina runs out, they must be fed with fish or crops that are found in the other two Holo House Minigames. This also increases their level and improves their stats.

What does it cost to recruit?

Recruiting costs nothing. But sending out the ad that generates six random workers costs you (x+1*500), where x is how many workers you have currently hired. You can reroll your options if you do not like them.

This means that an employee can cost anywhere from 500 to 5 000 Holocoins

What is the maximum number of workers I can have?

You can have 10 workers working at the same time.

How can I influence the fans that my workers use?

The first worker in your advertisement list will always be the fan of the Holomem that you are currently playing. SSRBs can’t play… for now. The rest of the list will be random.

How does one get better employees?

Raise your level as a manager by upgrading workers. Each Manager Level unlocks a different quality of worker. At level 1, workers of Bronze rarity are available. Silver, then Gold, then Platinum workers with the highest stats appear at levels 2, 3, and 4.

What stats do I need to look for?

Max Level – Normally, I will discuss stats in the paragraphs below.

Names –

What are they? How do I add mine?

A few months ago, the Holocure tweet sent out a Google link that allowed players to enter their name, and what type of fan. These were then filter and added to the games. It’s likely this form would be checked twice and the game list updated with time, but I can’t say for sure.

If I filled out the form years ago, how can I be sure that my name is still there?

If you open holocure.exe using Notepad or another similar application, you can use the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut to find the name that you typed in. The name will be there as plain text. Please, please, please don’t change anything in the file. You could ruin the game.

Are there names that are associated with stats

The stats are random, just as the names are. The stats and names are also randomly generated.

How can I change a Worker’s name if they have good stats?

You can change the name of fans at your leisure.

Managing a company –

What are the stats on a Worker?

Regarding hiring, there are 4 factors that workers should consider.

How many Holocoins are generated by a worker every time he or she generates Holocoins

Max Stamina = How long a worker can continue working without eating, and how much Stamina they recover from food

Max Level: The highest possible level. Level increases by eating food. Higher-tier food gives more EXP. Every level translates to 2 Stamina and 1 Efficiency

> EXP-Rate: A multiplier to EXP earned when feeding food

What are the maximum stats for

I’ve only seen max levels of 50 and 85 for hiring. I don’t know the max EXP rate is, it’s probably around 2.00.

How can one worker be better than another?

Compare (Efficiency+MaxLevel) and (MaxStamina+2*MaxLevel). A worker with a 4 Efficiency and a 50 Max Level will have fewer Efficiency points than if he had ten Efficiency and a 45 Max level.

How often does a worker generate Holocoins?

I don’t really know. I counted 4 seconds and 8 seconds. I am, then, stopped counting. It could be random. I am willing to provide more information.

How many Holocoins may a worker collect before collecting?

Unknown (possibly infinite) or however many bits the value is assigned.

How long will 1 Stamina Last?

It takes around 20 to 30 seconds if you’re not exact.

What is the amount of stamina restored by 1 food?

No matter what food you eat, it will give you 20% of Max Stamina. It can be a shark or a wheat piece.

Which food will a worker accept?

It’s a random selection from a menu of accepted foods based on the Worker’s level. A Bronze Worker’s only request is Shrimp. Clownfish, Tuna. Wheat, Tomatoes and Potatoes. A Platinum Worker may request all crops and fish, EXCEPT shiny and Axolotls.

When a worker levels up, they will change their food preference. When a player reaches the maximum level, they will never be able to change their food preference.

How much EXP is given by each food?

The exact number is unknown. However, higher-tiered food provides more experience. A Shrimp gets dominated by Sharks, even though they both restore Stamina. Lucky Shrimp…

How many Manager Experience Points does each worker Level give?

Unknown. Need more information

What is the maximum amount of food I can give my worker?

You can give your players as much food to fill their Stamina or EXP. The level will increase if you have “overEXP”. If you’re a resource hog, waste as much as you want to for faster levels.

– – – – Strategy – – – –

Where can I find the most qualified workers as quickly as I can?

Don’t be too attached. The more you raise the level of a worker, you will gain more Manager EXP, which will result in higher quality workers. Consider retiring them once they reach the maximum level. This will make room for more experienced workers. Or, keep them around for a few days for a little money.

I am a Manager at Level 4, but what is the ideal worker for me?

It’s not worthwhile to minmax or reroll in order to get the perfect Worker. I chose to buy Workers whose maximum level was at least 45. Not all Platinums reach that high. In fact, not all of them will even reach level 30!

Why give my food to workers if I can sell it?

Stamina can easily overpower the price of a product. Even if stamina = two ticks, a 50-efficiency worker would generate at least 100 holocoins with each stamina.

Let’s suppose a worker had 150 Max Stamina. Any fish will give 30 Stamina. If we assume that one Stamina can be used to make two Holocoin ticks, then 30 Stamina could become 3000 Holocoins. If it was a Shark then we have just multiplied the value by 4.

It’s 10 minutes.

When Do Workers Work?

The game will run at all times. You could play the hoarding game, or grind for fish, or just AFK in your house. This is the true power of Workers. Even if it takes some time to bring them up to speed, they are worth it.

What is the maximum number of Holocoins that my workers can make while I’m on a stage?

Ten workers who are maxed out can generate over 250K coins when you’re away on a stage. I’d love a screenshot of this, but it would require me to max out all my workers. Right now, each worker is around level 20, generating 140K+ at the end of a 20-minute phase. It’s not much compared to IRYSes generating 1.6M+ after 35 minutes but you can do it while getting extra money from Workers.

Don’t forget Farming or Fishing, and make sure you feed them regularly between each game.

– – – – Miscellaneous – – – –

What is your Oshi name?

I honestly haven’t made a decision. Botan can play games well, Nerissa plays nopan and Sana’s Eternal. Roboco has always been my favorite character. She is a leveler and loves to scale levels. She also has a lovely outfit and design. You know why.

What does your worker’s name look like?

A Robosa titled Tesladonna is a waifu character from a much less good game. I spent half a mill trying to find a name but without success.

You’re wrong!

If I made an error, please correct it in the comment section. I don’t have the motivation for collecting data on everything.


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