Hidden Cleffa Location in Detective Pikachu Returns

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Hidden Cleffa Location in Detective Pikachu Returns

Ready to channel your inner detective in the enchanting world of Hidden Cleffa Location in Detective Pikachu Returns? Well, put on your detective hat because you’ll have your work cut out for you in finding two mischievous Cleffa. As you explore the city of Rhyme, solving cases for both people and Pokémon, you’ll be doing more than just beating the game. You’ll actually be making some adorable friends. Case in point, you’ll find a Cleffa in the Ruins area who is frantically looking for its playmates.

How to Find the First Cleffa

So, you’re walking into the Ruins after nailing the Missing Jewel case. Before you even get to the Ruins’ big stone entrance, a cute Cleffa shows up. This little guy will let you in on a secret game of hide and seek he’s playing with his friends. Only problem? He can’t find them. Talk about a plot twist, right? He’ll ask you to help find his two other Cleffa buddies, saying they’ve got important ‘Cleffa business’ to attend to.

Okay, ready for the juicy details? Head over to the campfire near the entrance and take a left. Keep going until you find a tree that looks like it’s hiding something. Lo and behold, there’s your first Cleffa. A quick chat later, and Cleffa, number one happily goes back to its friend. One down, one to go!

Where to Find the Second Cleffa

Now, for Cleffa number two, you’ll need to start by spotting Ursaring near the entrance of the Ruins. Go right from there and let the path guide you to a peaceful pond. You’d think Cleffa might want to hide near water, considering how much Pokémon love nature, right? Well, you’re in luck! If you head to the far right corner of the pond, you’ll find a tree that’s got more than just leaves. Yup, the second Cleffa is sitting there, just waiting to be found.

After a quick chat, this Cleffa also heads back to join its friends. And just like that, you’ve solved the Cleffa crisis, helping them reunite for whatever adorable plans they had. A job well done, Detective!


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