Hero Clash – Best Team Recommendation Tips

Hero Clash – Best Team Recommendation Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Hero Clash – Best Team Recommendation Tips 1 - steamlists.com

Hero Clash – Best Team Recommendation Tips

Top Picks for Your First Team in Hero Clash

Starting off strong in Hero Clash? You’ll want a solid bunch of heroes on your side. Here’s a recommended setup for those just diving in:

  1. Moon Phoenix – Firefly (Back-row Priority): Firefly can send out moths that damage foes, lower their armor, and give some HP back to her.
  2. Deer Spirit – Nicole (Back row): Nicole, our healing expert, dishes out healing berries to boost everyone’s health and make sure they take less damage.
  3. Dragon Warrioress (Front-row Priority): With her might, she can counterattack and possibly stun a foe for 2 turns. Great for the front!

For a punchier squad, think about adding another main attacker to these three. Then round it off with a tank and someone for support.

Deeper Dive: Our Recommended Heroes

Want the details on these champions? Let’s break it down:

  1. Dragon Warrioress: This front-line fighter is all about taking hits and managing the field. She’s got killer counterattacks and a solid chance to stun enemies for 2 turns. For her, boost her Armor, HP, and Effect Hit stats. Try these runes: Banshee (4), Evolution (2) and artifacts like Time Amulet/Arcane.
  2. Deer Spirit – Nicole: As our main healer and buffer, Nicole’s healing berries boost everyone’s health and reduce damage. Focus on her HP and Armor stats. Her runes? Banshee (4), Evolution (2). And for artifacts, Angelic Circlet and Holy Wings are solid picks.
  3. Moon Phoenix – Firefly: Firefly, our high-flyer, lets loose moths to damage enemies, cut down their armor, and get some HP back. You’ll want to up her ATK and Skill DMG stats. Runes to consider: Judgement (2), Apocalypse (4). Artifacts? Give Sacred Brilliance and Devil’s Bonespike a try.

Also, don’t forget some other powerful heroes like Eternal Tree – Fagon, Dragon Slayer – Gerudo, and Chakram Noble – Avilia. They’ve each got something special to offer!

How to Ace Hero Clash: Tips & Tricks

Want to make the most of Hero Clash? Here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Summon Scroll Tips: These are golden in Hero Clash. Here’s how to get your hands on them:
    • Stick around and log in for 10 days straight to grab 110 Summon Scrolls.
    • And remember, daily logins will keep those rewards coming.

With these heroes and pointers, you’re on your way to tackling Hero Clash and seizing victory. Go get ’em!

Getting the Most Out of Hero Clash

Want to be the best in Hero Clash? Take these expert tips to heart. When you clear all chapter stages, you’ll bag a bunch of Summon Scrolls. Boost your heroes by leveling them up with coins and materials, kit them out with gear, and wake up their abilities. Key stats to watch? Armor, HP, Effect Hit, ATK, and Skill DMG. For the best results, get your heroes kitted out with the runes and artifacts we talked about.

Keep an eye out for special events with big rewards. Jump into these before they’re gone to boost your game. Also, watch for red dots on buttons – they mean there’s new stuff or free goodies waiting for you.

Wrapping It Up: Your Guide to Winning at Hero Clash

So, with all this in your Hero Clash toolkit, you’re set for success. By logging in daily, completing chapters, and powering up your team through leveling, awakening, and evolution, you’ll breeze through Hero Clash’s early challenges. Gear up for some epic clashes and enjoy the road to the top!


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