Hellsplit: Arena – How to Unlock All Weapon Guide

Hellsplit: Arena – How to Unlock All Weapon Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Hellsplit: Arena – How to Unlock All Weapon Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, This Hellsplit: Arena – How to Unlock All Weapon Guide was created to help you.

This guide will show you how to unlock every weapon, armor, shield, and potion for training without needing modding. This guide is still in the works; we need someone to test it.

But First…

This guide is for:

A. People that don’t wanna use mods or game files editing.

B. People that would like a challenge.

C. Having a Sandbox that has all Items available.


This guide will not explain HOW to get play the game, though it’s recommended to be defensive and “deadly” for a better Bonus reward during Rounds. If you take long that is fine to because items will tend to spawn in during the rounds (Apples, Bananas, and most essential Potions of all kinds) collect them and afterward place them at the Potion Totem where you buy Items. Keep or use them, again not saying how to play the game.

Also, this Guide involves >SPOILERS< for those that haven’t played or gotten far into the game.

1. The Free Stuff

Before playing the Campaign, go to Training to look through all current weapons available

Reason: Every weapon, Armor, Items in Training are considered FREE.

Most of these items are lower class and you’ll get some items in Campaign already purchased (See Below)

The list below will show what Items you don’t have to buy even when you unlock them through progression:


– Dagger

– Stiletto

– Sai

– Kukri


– Short Sword

– Straight Sword

– Long Sword

– Claymore


– Francisca

– Double Francisca

– Broad Axe

– Double Axe


– Bo Staff

– Spear

– Halberd


– Bludgeon (Given in Campaign)

– Flanged Mace

– Battle Hammer


– Short Bow (Given in Campaign after first round)

– Recurve Bow

– Pistol

– Hand Cannon

– Rifle


– Shuriken

– War Dart

– Boomerang


-Everything is already in the Training, Light Arrows are Given after first Round in Campaign

Body Armor

– Leather Coat (Given in Campaign)

– Brigandine

– Plate Armor


– Wooden shield

– Buckler

– Knight Shield


– Full Healing Potion

Everything I just listed doesn’t need to be purchased during the Campaign (and will not be available until a certain point in the Campaign)

2. Normal Mode

To unlock everything available in Normal Mode will require you to spend 269,700 (269,100 if you collected “Full Healing Potions” during Rounds)

Obviously, that’s a lot of gold but you’ll most likely not be able to buy everything. (even if you have perfect Rounds without taking damage)

Most you can get without buying anything is around 150-275K give or take.

Best to buy the more expensive things so you won’t have to get them later in Hardcore.

You’ll stop getting new items around Chapter 4, Round 23 (only 10 Rounds/Gold Runs until you’re at the end of the Normal Campaign

Another List Incoming: (Item – Price)


– Rondel Dagger – 1,700

– Double Sai – 3,000


– Nordic Sword – 2,300 (Buy-able at the start)

– Templar Sword – 6,200

– B@st@rd Sword 18,400


– Nordic Axe – 2,000

– Battle Axe – 11,500

– Great Axe – 33,000 (Last thing that’s shown to buy in Normal)


– Poleaxe – 24,000


– Light Mace – 1,000 (Buy-able at the start)

– Kanabo – 5,700

– Morrgenstern – 9,100


– Long Bow – 3,100

– Hunting Bow – 11,000

– Sniper Rifle – 55,000 (Last thing that’s shown to buy in Normal)


– Throwing Knife – 3,000

Body Armor

– Leather Armor – 4,500

– Heavy Brigandine – 9,200

– Lamellar Armor – 17,000

– Templar Armor – 32,000


– Nordic Shield – 5,900

– Kite Shield – 10,500

Potions (If you haven’t collected any during Rounds)

– Full Healing Potion – 600

NOTE: When you’ve defeated the 4th Final Boss, your ability to buy whatever you want before entering the End Cutscene.

Use that as an opportunity to buy what you can (mostly buy Lower class weapons or High-class items that you don’t commonly use) Its possible most of everyone will either forget to do this or not use most items afterward.

3. Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode will activate after you finish Normal Difficulty of the Campaign.

Hardcore will involve a method where if you die you lose all bought items and have to begin all over.

^ That is good as frustrating as it sounds, this means any you can plan out what to buy, and if you think you won’t have enough you cant always kick the bucket and try again.

Fun fact: Items that you have purchased, held, or hosted will still be usable if you pass away while wearing them. However, if you put them back in the totem before they unlock again, they will be lost and you will have to buy them again. If you’re careful and pack at least three holstered items—1 belt item (Ammo/Potions) and 2 holstered items—you might sa

Any Items you didn’t buy during Normal Campaign hopefully will still be available to buy (when you unlock them), However now you Have newer Items that are Exclusive Hardcore Items.

Buying every exclusive item will cost around 196,000-201,000 (If you happen to cross Phoenix Potions in Rounds), The total is lower then Normal but its because its Less Items = More Expensive.

I hope you ready for another list again because… (Don’t worry this one the shortest out of all)

List as shown: [Item > Cost > Unlock]


– Kris – 11,000 [Chapter 4, Round 24] (The Last Items that’s Given to unlock)


– Katana – 8,800 [Chapter 1, Round 6 1st Boss Fight]

– Flamberge – 39,900 [Chapter 4, Round 23]


– Templar Axe – 7,600 [Chapter 1, Round 6 1st Boss Fight]


– Pilum – 6,600 [Chapter 2, Round 11]

– Royal Halberd – 35,500 [Chapter 4, Round 23]


– Warhammer – 16,200 [Chapter 3, Round 16]


– Ebony Bow – 36,000 [Chapter 4, Round 22]

– Duplet – 16,000 [Chapter 2, Round 8]


– Double Blade Knife – 18,000 [Chapter 3, Round 17]

Body Armor

– Heavy Plate Armor – 90,000 [Chapter 4, Round 22] (The Most Expensive Item)


– X-Shield – 36,000 [Chapter 4, Round 23]


– Phoenix Potion – 5,000 [Chapter 1, Round 6 1st Boss Fight]

Do the Same as you did during the Normal Campaign and you should have enough to buy all Items (Mostly)

As said before, you can abuse the Permadeath by Using the most expensive items:

Side Holster: Kris (11K)

Back Holster 1: Flamberge (39.9K)

Back Holster 2: X-Shield (36K)

Belt 1: Throwing Knife (3K)

Belt 2: Phoenix Potion (5K)

Armor: Heavy Plate Armor (90K)

This should save you from spending 184.9K if you don’t drop them during Rounds or put them back before its unlocked.


If you made it this far, feel free to write feedback on how this could be improved for all players.

Share your comments on our recent post, Hellsplit: Arena – How to Unlock All Weapon Guide, and let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance it or if you spot an error; we’ll make the required modifications as soon as possible. If you notice an error, we’ll make it as soon as possible. We are quite grateful to you, and we wish you a wonderful rest of the day. The writings of creator and author Dim3nsionGam3r served as inspiration for this entry. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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