Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – McGonagall Deck Build

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – McGonagall Deck Build 1 - steamlists.com
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – McGonagall Deck Build 1 - steamlists.com

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – McGonagall Deck Build: Unleash the Spell Power

Are you interested in becoming an expert on the McGonagall Deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? Ready for a magical adventure? This guide unveils how to construct the ultimate deck build for the revered Professor McGonagall. The key? Sending a continuous torrent of spells toward your enemies, accumulating mana like a seasoned wizard, and calling upon the mighty Locomotor for a dash of enchanting chaos. Additionally, you’ll meet helpful allies who can turn the tide of the game. Let’s jump in!

Capitalize on Harry Echo

The Harry Echo card is a great addition to your deck to utilize McGonagall’s strengths. This special card provides an excellent advantage by decreasing the disadvantage on SpellBook levels. Harry is renowned for low-cost spells, and this deck aims to include various spell types for dynamic gameplay. Harness the power of Harry Echo and leave your opponents trembling!

Deliver Accurate Strikes with Ashwinder

When it comes to wiping out clusters of enemy units, accuracy is crucial. McGonagall excels in low-cost spells, and this deck is prepared to face any obstacle. An essential trick to keep up your sleeve is the Ashwinder spell. This formidable spell ensures no adversary withstands the power of McGonagall. Use it judiciously and watch your rivals concede defeat.

Perfect Timing is Crucial

Timing is paramount in the magical realm. When McGonagall is fully energized and primed to let loose her wrath, it’s time to accumulate mana and launch a flurry of spells. This wave of spells enables you to call upon the awe-striking Locomotor card, surprising your adversaries and gaining a significant edge on the battlefield. Plan your moves tactically and strike at the perfect moment.

Reliable Allies

Let’s discuss our trustworthy allies. Consider including the Baby-Manticore card in your deck to stay in control of the battlefield. This small creature helps deter opponents from gaining an advantage through excessive use of movement cards. And a powerful wizard needs a sturdy companion. Here’s Puppy, the durable tank ready to defend and prevail alongside McGonagall!

Yet, be cautious of the disruptive forces lurking in the background. Bellatrix and Opaleyes can be a real bother, requiring immediate attention when encountered using this deck. Their disruptive abilities can trouble even the most adept wizards. Counteract their interference wisely and eliminate them as soon as possible with your spell flurry. Show them who’s in control!

Strategic Path to Victory

It might seem intuitive to block McGonagall’s path when strategizing, but proceed with caution. Be aware of potential risks, especially against opponents armed with powerful area damage spells. Rather, let her roam freely and concentrate on interrupting her walking animation with your spell flurry. This strategic approach will keep your opponents guessing and give you an advantage in any duel.

Unlocking the Magical Combination

If you’re set on unlocking McGonagall’s complete potential, meld her abilities with Harry’s echo, Hermione’s low-cost spell cycle, and Newt in solo PvP battles. This powerful combination of magical prowess will make you nearly invincible. Get ready to triumph over any challenge that crosses your path!

Wrapping Up

There you have it, spell masters! We conclude this comprehensive McGonagall deck build guide in the magical world of Magic Awakened. May your spells hit the mark and your victories be legendary!

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