Halls of Torment – Tips how to reach level 100 on any character

Halls of Torment – Tips how to reach level 100 on any character 1 - steamlists.com
Halls of Torment – Tips how to reach level 100 on any character 1 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, We hope you find this Halls of Torment – Tips how to reach level 100 on any character guide useful.

This is a useful guide on how to reach Level 100 for any character.


Gain powerful gear, blessings, and abilities. It is not a quick route to 100. It takes hours of grinding. The image below to help select the damage traits you want to use when you get more advanced.

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Items that are used and how to unlock them

  • spellcaster gloves, buy one item from the wellkeeper
  • hunter’s garb – Archer must wait 3 minutes before he can move. Two blessings for reviving are required.
  • guiding star, as archer walk 100km (10k in 22 minutes at default archer). Only assists if auto attack is on, but blocks the gloves of a spellcaster.
  • hunting gloves as archer kill 20k enemies in one run (use in combination with guiding star only)
  • copper ring
  • wind crown: Archer doesn’t get hit until 3 minutes.
  • jade amulet, increase the level by 500 times over all runs
  • wooden ring
  • runner shoes

Note: These are not unlocked for items. They will be sent one by one via the well to be available in the shop for purchase before finally becoming equippable.


Blessings unlock conditions

Strength: as swordsman acquire trait strength IV

Attack speed: as archer get trait quick hands IV

Fire damage: As an exterminator, deal 200k burn damage in one run

As a cleric you can gain trait metabolism, which allows you to hit.

Duration: As warlocks get trait channeling V

Lightning damage: As a Sorceress deal 500k electrify damage in one shot

Block strength: As shield maiden get trait parry V

Pick up 10 potions for health recovery

Revive Kill one lord

Winner Run Strategy

Once you’re at your level, go through this section.

Select the character

Choose the most damaging loadout

Hunter’s garb. Wooden ring. Jade amulet. Runner shoes. Wind crown

two situational item combos

1 Auto attack off when 3 or 4 abilities are activated: copper rings + spellcaster gloves

2. Auto attack on or as shieldmaiden: guiding star and hunting gloves

Enter aqueducts stage

Start to build the ability

Go South to gain the second option (27 minutes on the clock).

If you’re looking to increase your dps utilize the elite that will appear after 28 minutes.

Go North to get third ability

In the ideal scenario, the RNG will give you four useful abilities. You can upgrade them by leveling them up three times instead of relying on the RNG to provide new abilities.

Take the long fingers at the spawn

With loadout 2, you can disable auto attack and auto target (default right-mouse key and R or O)

With loadout 1 – skip the step above

Stand still in the middle of the aqueduct, moving as little as you can.

Level milestones

20 minutes on the clock, based on the character level 46

10 minutes on the clock, level 80

This is a rough guideline. The goal is to get to level 100.


Level 100 run possible at 70% XP bonus from quests. This is achievable even with excessive grinding. Damage nodes are the most significant contributor.

Steam limits the size of files to 2MB. Sorry for the image.

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Unlocking new quests can give you a bonus XP. My 100th level run was completed on a sorceress in aqueduct at 78 percent bonus XP.

Additional unlocks summarized for convenience

Trait Multihit I (swordsman hits 20 enemies in one attack).

Trait multihit II (as

ShieldmaidenHit 15 enemies using the main attack). Use echoing band to help you with this.

When the swordsman slashes 1k enemies with 300 damage in a single run the Echoing Band is activated.

New trait

As an exterminator, fire affinity will destroy 10k enemies

New trait

lightning affinity: as a sorceress apply 20 stacks of electrify on a single enemy

New capability

Kugelblitz: as shield maiden, deal 300k damage with shield bash

New ability

Meteor strike: sorceress deals 500k lightning damage

Get 300 gold to unlock the blessings

Unlock the character

Kill 10k enemies to unlock the Sorceress

Happy hunting!


It was our pleasure to walk you through the Halls of Torment – Tips how to reach level 100 on any character, and we sincerely hope that you found it useful. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions for improving this post, do let us know in the comments. Regards and best wishes for a wonderful day in return for your time and effort. I feel it’s important to give credit where credit is due, so I’d like to point out that this tutorial was inspired by a post that taxmanschaft published. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update the site frequently with fresh articles.

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