Guide How to Save Mayrina Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Guide How to Save Mayrina Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

So, you’re navigating through Baldur’s Gate 3 and have come across the “Save Mayrinaquest. It all starts when you run into Mayrina’s brothers in the pool. And if you haven’t already started it, you’ll be thrown into the mix when you step into Auntie Ethel’s Gnarled Teahouse.

Auntie Ethel shows true intent, whisking Mayrina to a hidden stew pot in her den. Ready to dive into the details? Let’s chat about how to ensure Mayrina’s safe return.

How to Defeat Auntie Ethel in the Ancient Abode

You’ve navigated through the Gnarled Door, passed the waterfall, and trekked the Overgrown Tunnel—a face-off with Auntie Ethel in the Ancient Abode.

But there’s a catch: Mayrina is caught in a Gnarled Cage, precariously hanging over a pit, and to make matters worse, Auntie Ethel sets it ablaze! You’ve got a mere three turns to rescue her.

  • You could mess with the shiny yellow Control Orb on the pit’s west side.
  • Use your party members, cast Mage Hand, or take a shot at it from a distance.
  • If you opt for this, make sure Auntie Ethel is defeated before that cage gives out. Or, be bold and push Auntie Ethel into the pit – it’s a fast track to victory, especially if you have a strong character at hand.

If fire-fighting is more your style, douse the cage using a water bottle or the Create or Destroy Water spell. But here’s the twist: Auntie Ethel, the trickster, will swap places with Mayrina. The real Mayrina will be dripping wet; focus your efforts on the dry one to sort things out.

 Save Mayrina Quest:

After all the action, head to the Ancient Workshop north of the Ancient Abode. You’re on the lookout for the Bitter Divorce wand.

A quick peek will reveal “Connor” engraved on it – a clue that points to Mayrina’s hubby.

Grab the wand and other goodies lying around, then move further north to a teleporting Mushroom Circle. It’s your express route to the Putrid Bog above.

Once you’re out, make a beeline northwest to find Mayrina next to her husband’s coffin.

How to Save Mayrina?

You’re at the Ancient Abode now. Gear up for a face-off with Auntie Ethel.

Just a heads up, Auntie Ethel is pretty sneaky. It’s a big deal for where your story’s headed.

Also, a little side note: How you tackle Auntie Ethel might change your story’s direction.

Spotting the Final Key in Hag’s Workshop

You’ll stumble upon the hag’s workshop as you wander through this creepy dungeon. There’s something super important here – the last key for the Mayrina questline. Keep your eyes peeled for a thing called the “Bitter Divorce“.

It’s just sitting there on a table, not making a fuss. You might miss it because it doesn’t exactly scream “important.” But trust me, this little wand? It’s your ticket to moving forward.

Find the “Bitter Divorce” wand.


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