Guardian IV Difficulty With S Rank in Roboquest

Guardian IV Difficulty With S Rank in Roboquest 1 -
Guardian IV Difficulty With S Rank in Roboquest 1 -

Guardian IV Difficulty With S Rank in Roboquest

Hey there! If you’re after a no-fuss, effective strategy in Roboquest’s Guardian IV level, let me share my go-to: the Engineer Minion Squad build. This guide is all about giving you a solid starting point without bogging you down in too many details.

1. Why Pick the Engineer Class?

For this strategy, the Engineer class is your best friend. Why? Mainly because its drones do a great job at distracting enemies and taking some heat off you. Plus, the Engineer is super flexible – it’s perfect whether you’re into heavy defense, big blasts, weapon damage, or love a good drone showdown. And guess what? A max armor bonus is totally achievable here.

2. Weapon Choices

Let’s keep weapon choices simple. Use the buddy bot as a secondary weapon – more minions equals more distractions. For your primary weapon, pick something that wipes out mobs fast. I’m a fan of the Tesla Rifle and its Ricochet perk, but pick what works for you. We’ll talk about boss strategies later.

3. What Items to Grab

Focus on healing efficiency – it’s a game-changer. Pair the right item with an ability perk upgrade, and you’re all set. Also, grab any shock damage items you find. They’re gold in this build, especially against bosses. And don’t forget items that let you mark enemies – they up your damage big time.

4. Picking Your Perks

The Dronezerker perk is a must – it cranks up your drone’s damage and keeps enemies busy. Pair it with Targeting Protocol for even better drone control. Here are a few more perk options:
Elemental Buddies with Electro: My favorite. The damage boost from Dronezerker, combined with shock effects, means even bosses get zapped in no time.
Family Swarm: This is all about upping your drone damage and keeping enemies busy. Just watch out; more drones can be a handful.
Geared Buddies: Great for extra damage and marking enemies. But if you’re already marking well, maybe try a different perk.

5. Putting It All Together

Here’s a quick game plan:
– Start with the buddy-bot. Clear your way to Oasis.
– Upgrade the buddy-bot to ‘fantastic’ at Oasis. Keep leveling it up.
– Deploy your buddy bots every 10-12 seconds at the start of fights.
– Focus on taking out snipers, elites, and turrets first. Marking them helps a lot.
– Got a tough enemy? Direct your drones with your blaster and mark them, then handle the rest.

Stick with this strategy for a strong game in both solo and co-op. Keep blasting to maintain your drones. This tactic works wonders against bosses and in tough spots. As you practice, you’ll only get better, especially in positioning and adopting an aggressive playstyle for those crucial healing cells.

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