Greed of Man – Controls + Map and Gameplay Basics

Greed of Man – Controls + Map and Gameplay Basics 3 -
Greed of Man – Controls + Map and Gameplay Basics 3 -

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Key Action
W,A,S,D Movement
Space Jump/Climb
Alt Crouch
Double Alt Roll
F Interact
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V Voice Chat
C Change Camra Position
Tab Inventory
Shift Run
Ctrl + LMB Quick Move item
I Open ID
X Close GUI/Put Item Away
LMB Place Furniture
RMB show furniture



Main map

The main map shows shop’s only.

Greed of Man - Controls + Map and Gameplay Basics - Map's - 04C2E3B

Colour Name
Blue Pawn Shop
Red Joe’s Leg Hiders
Green Yazziez
Yellow Furn-Mitch-Ers
Orange Sleeve n’ Co.
Pink Waldo’s Warehouse
Brown Fire Haven
Black Licence
Purple Harmony Home Furnishings
White Car Dealership


Map Tagged

This map shows the possible locations of black market dealers.

Colors Name
Red Black market

Greed of Man - Controls + Map and Gameplay Basics - Map's - 33F2674

Earning money

Legal Income

This includes income from jobs, pawning, contracts and other sources.

Pawning – While pawning is easy work. To get items to pawn off you search the dumpsters for items like Bleach selling for $6 and wallets selling for $50. You can then take these items to Sally’s Pawn Shop and sell them, but she will only pay 50% of the item price.

Jobs – Jobs are the easiest income where you stand somewhere and you earn money passively. To work at a job, you do not need a warrant.

Illegal Income

Illegal income is any income derived from drugs, theft or robbery.

Robbery – To start robbing shops you will need a gun. Fire haven sells guns starting at $3200. You can use your gun to go into a store and point it at the cashier. After a few seconds, a bag of $5,500 will appear.

Dumpster Items


Item Quantity Price
Bandages 3 $15
Wallet 1 Get $50 and $100 inside
Alchol 3 $78
Small Flag 5 $35
Pan 1 $15
Burger 1 $15
Baby Powder 20 $10
MRE 1 $15
Bleach 10 $12
Microphone 10 $25




Item Quantity Price
Meth 9 $125


Shop’s Stock

Fire Haven


Item Price
Pistol $3,200
Machine Pistol $12,000
9×19 $10
Pistol Magazine $130




Item Price
Shoe $25
Red Shoel $75
Yellow Shoe $50
Dark Green Shoe $40




Item Price
Green Arm Chair $700
Small Dresser $450
White Arm Chair $975
Red Arm Chair $850


Sleeve n’ Co.


Item Price
Red shirt $75
Yellow Shirt $60
Blue Shirt $95
Gray Shirt $45


Joe’s Leg Hiders


Item Price
Green Pants $60
Brow Pants $32
Violet Pants $95
Blue Pants $55


Harmony Home Furnishings


Item Price
Fancy Night Stand $575
Fancy Table $1,035
Small Table $320
Table $350 or $650
Night Stand $75
Small Dress $480
White Arm Chair $975
Red Arm Chair $310
Green Arm Chair $250
Red Arm Chair $310
White Arm Chair $5,750
Red Office Chair $120
Gray Chair $50
Green Bed $6,500
White Bed $9,500
Gray Bed $7,000
White Bed $12,000


Car Dealership


Item Price
Yellow Car $25,000
Red Car $52,000
Blue car $35,000




Item Price
Meth lab $1,200
Storage Silo $700




Robbery and Murder are the two crimes that can lead to warrants. Each crime has a different sentence and jail time.

Crime Punishments

The maximum jail time is 20m.

Crime Sentence
Robbery 100s
Assault ?
Murder ?


Drug Production

Minimum startup cost


Pill Breaker $3.500

Meth Producer $4.800

Optional Storage Silo $1,200

Yellow Pills $270

Red Pills $315

Meth Repayment

Startup cost $14,270

Red pills $315

The cost of producing meth is $14,270. This does not include red pills as they are required for every batch. To cover start up costs you need to produce 7 batches (21 Meth) which includes the cost of red pills.

Meth Profit

Spending $315

Earnings PS 2,490

Profit $2,175



The system is based on what you are wearing. Better clothes take up more space.

Red box – Not storage

Green box – Storage

Clothing storage


Clothing Storage
Armour Vest

Shirts No,
Shoes No,


Gang’s Unofficial



Gangs are groups of players who wear the same clothes and will work together to hold power over the city or to earn money or suppress police presence or a mix of all.

Gang outfits

Purple pants, armor vest – PP gang

Redshirt – RS gang

Blue shirt, brown trousers, white shoes, and armor vest. Probably me or Peacfull

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