Going Medieval – Character Creation (WIP)

Going Medieval – Character Creation (WIP) 1 - steamlists.com
Going Medieval – Character Creation (WIP) 1 - steamlists.com
This guide lists affects of attributes of the randomized character creation.



Hello, I noticed that there wasn’t any listing of character creation information on steam and I couldn’t locate anything on Google, so I decided to create my own directory for character creation for ‘Going Medieval’ and share it with all of you. That said, this is my first guide and will take awhile to update it. Additionally, the game is early access, so I’ll try add the version number of when I get the data. I’ll try to update with every major update, but I am untrustworthy in that regard. 
My goal is to get a very detailed list of the character creation for whatever reason people would need it, until someone else with a better work habit does it better. If you guys see any inaccurate information, please let me know and I’ll work to update the guide with better information. Thanks! 

Religion v0.5.28.6

In game there are two religions, Oak Brethren (Pagen) and Restitutionists (Christian). 
At first glance Religion doesn’t seem to do much other than what shrines need to be built for whom. But upon closer inspection, religion actually has additional minor effects on game play and has major effects on character backgrounds. Specifically, there are a large number of backgrounds tied to certain religions. 
O=Oak R=Restitution B=Both 

CarpenterWheelwrightBuilderBrick makerShipwrightInnkeepButcherChefBrewster
ArchitectMaster builderEngineerScribeMonkHunterArcherRecruitHealer
Field doctorNunKnightSoldierArmy cookMercenaryFarrierLorimerBlacksmith
CobblerMinerFranklinCarterGrave diggerBerner

This makes it seem like the developers have weighted the backgrounds with either oak or restitution. This means that Restitutionist only settlements would have far fewer options. However, if all the Restitutionists are zealots, then they do not need to drink alcohol. Potentially removing a resource to balance. 

Gender v0.5.28.6

Currently Gender appears to be little more than a skin for the settlers. You can go with either male or female, and neither seem to make much difference in terms of game play. For character creation, each one has only a single background tied to them. Men are able to be monks, and Women are able to be nuns. Otherwise, both can be any of the other backgrounds. 

Age, Weight, and Height v0.5.28.6

Now these attributes will require much more in depth review to see if they impact the in game stats of character, but otherwise they currently appear to only affect visual aspects. This does not include age which appears to have no real impact (Unless settlers die of old age?). 
Age currently ranges from 22 yrs. to 70 yrs. 
Weight currently ranges from 45 kg. (99.208 lbs.) to 120 kg. (264.555 lbs.) 
Height currently ranges from 100 cm. (3.28084 ft.) to 210 cm. (6.88976 ft.) 
After testing weight and height, they appear to only affect visual aspects of settlers at this time. 

Perks v0.5.28.6

Now perks appear to be partially implemented at this time. Some have direct stat changes, while others are just flavor based on current game mechanics. I will wait until they are more implemented until fully testing them. Until then here is a link to the goingmedieval.fandom.com – https://goingmedieval.fandom.com/wiki/Perks with a full list of perks, their descriptions, and current in game stat changes. 

Written by deathagorn

This is all about Going Medieval – Character Creation (WIP); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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