Garten of Banban 3 – How to get a White Keycard Guide

Garten of Banban 3 – How to get a White Keycard Guide 1 -
Garten of Banban 3 – How to get a White Keycard Guide 1 -

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This guide will give you tips on reaching the meditation space through the white door of Stinger’s meditation room.

What is the matter?

You can return to Stinger Flynn’s room in the next chapter after you have entered Stinger Flynn’s room of meditation for the first time and made on a trip to the beach. After you enter, if you go down the stairs all the way to the opposite end of the room and back up the stairs, you will find a large white door that needs a white key card. I’ll show you where it is and how to access it.

Where is it?

It’s located in the sector of progress, where there are math problems that involve eggs and birds. It’s in a closet near the entrance where you find the baby bird. You’ve already reached the point of return once you begin riding the birds. So, don’t ride the birds until you find the way to open the door. The answer is listed below if you don’t feel like solving a mini-puzzle.

Tell me how!

You’re fine, I’ll explain it to you. You have to put the Banban hats on Mr. Wheely Stick Man after you’ve received them and fought the two-headed dino. Then you need to get the guy to move a million times before he reaches a baby bird. Don’t bring him all up to the bird…if you go too far you’ll miss your chance.

Once his arms are in line with the door of the closet, then stop moving him. Go around to the back of the dummy and press the button that causes him to speak. Open Sesame! The closet door is open. Get the keycard, and head over to Stinger’s room for meditation. Discover the secrets!

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