Galaxy Life – Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough

Galaxy Life – Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough 1 -
Galaxy Life – Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough 1 -

There are both good and bad investments in Galaxy Life. This guide will highlight the best way to play Galaxy Life to maximize progress in the fastest time. It will also show you different ways to tackle the game to fit your playstyle and schedule.


This guide assumes that you are familiar with the basic features of the game as well as the buildings and units which most players will recall from memory. Hotlinks to the wiki I lead will be provided for new players to make it easier to understand the guide. You will find many useful tips throughout the wiki, so it is worth taking the time to read it.
This guide is available for updating and is open to suggestions. Please leave them in the comments below.

Early Game

Starbase 1-3
The first few
Starbase – []
Levels are the fastest-paced areas in the game. They have short building and training times, and many things to do simultaneously, such as quests and looting main bases or colonies, and starting different types of buildings.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 683EDA4
It is best to start the game by following the instructions.
Missions – []
They are an excellent source for information
Coins and minerals – []
If you don't have enough storage capacity, coins and minerals will be stored in your inventory so you can use them later.
Tight schedule?
If you don't have much time to play, then it is worth focusing on upgrading.
Compact Houses – []
This is the best way to go. They generate coins while you're away so you don’t have to spend hours looking for colonies in the galaxy to loot. To have the coins start to grow, you'll need to log in to the game. Then your Starling citizens will be taxed.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - CEF60D4
The military route is the most risk-reward option. You can spend more time upgrading your army and looking for colonies to loot. Looter or Flamethrower are not the best early-game units.
Bazooka – []
It is the first roadblock in the game and takes 5 hours to unlock, slowing you down. Bazookas can be used to destroy enemy players.
Firebit – []
Sparragon – []
For the missions, their high damage and long range make them better looters than their counterparts. In the meantime, you should train.
Marines – []
Look for colonies that can plunder the Banks/Silos or destroy the Starbase. You can also get mallets (hammers to hire more workers.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
Workers – []
They are vital as they can quadruple the progress of your planet’s development by having only 5 workers. They need helmets, toolboxes, mallets, and can be hired. You will likely sit at least 3 workers in the early game. In the middle game, you should keep at least 3 workers as you need to save hammers to hire more workers. You can get helmets from Compact Houses and toolboxes by helping friends. Mallets are also available for destroying Star Bases, including those from
NPC’s – []
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 136094A
Friends are the most important factor in speeding up your game.
-Help 5 buildings on each planet every day
If a building is under construction, helping it can speed up its construction by a certain percentage. This is especially useful for buildings with long construction times. For example, helping an observatory to build can save you days of building time. It can stack with multiple players for endless days and can be stackable with multiple players for unlimited hours. They can help a damaged building (if none of your buildings have been constructed. However, they cannot help a building that has been destroyed). They can also help Compact Houses and Mines by giving a certain percentage to any House or Mine they help (stacks only one). You can also get items from helping, such as a toolbox to hire more workers, parts of crafted units in your inventory, or Star Batteries to upgrade your Starbase.
-Getting Mystery Cubes
For gaining Coins or Minerals, Mystery Cubes can be a great way to get Coins and Minerals. You can receive 1 per friend from your friend list each day and you can set a specific order of items that you get from each friend.
Here – []
. Cubes are most useful in the early game for the free strong troops that you gain.
Starlinator – []
Colossus – []
Zeppelin – []
These units can also be crafted, and they are extremely destructive early in the game before becoming standard.
-Receive items from your wishlist
This is a bad idea as it requires your friends to send you one of their items, which most players don't want to do. One item can only be obtained by friends. It is called Shoulder Pad and it is used to complete the crafting recipe for the powerful.
Green Beret – []
. Friends can give parts for the 3 units you can also get from Mystery Cubes which can be crafted in the crafting menu, if your friends have colonies then they can give planet-type-exclusive crystals for the Skull Nuke.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - FCF7852
-Friends Bunker
Friends Bunker –
This is the best defense you have in early game. Friends can send any units to this bunker and protect your planet from attacks. Bazookas are the standard unit inside the Friends Bunker. However, if they are really nice they might send a powerful crafted units. The Colossus is the best pick for bunkers through all stages of the game and will keep you base untouchable unless it is destroyed by 2 Missile Rain battle support which transitions to part 2.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - C713BF7
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
In the early game, defenses are not necessary. You can upgrade to Starbase level 4 within a day. If you have friends who are already Starbase 4 nearing or mid-progressed (, then you should consider a Friends Bunker. This will provide cheap defenses. After the tutorial, you will receive a 6-day shield that expires once you attack.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 195FF12
What can you do with the 100 Galaxy Chips that you receive at the beginning of the game? You can spend 10 to speed up the Bazooka activation process. You should also save as many as possible for the mid-game for colonies.

Mid Game

Starbase 4-6
All options are now open to you, and you're a Starling free to do what you want for your empire.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 683EDA4
If you are going to focus on your house upgrades, you should level all of your houses equally. You will be unable to upgrade your higher-level houses for long periods of time if you keep them low-leveled while your high-level houses are constantly being upgraded. While the payoff is huge, you will most likely be behind others because you have other things to attend to than just coins.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - 776151B
For Minerals:
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - CEF60D4
You have now constructed a laboratory that can upgrade units with minerals. These are vital for the attacking route for). However, each upgrade increases the unit's cost so be careful. Bazookas are the best units in mid-game.
Beetle Tanks – []
Upgrade them as soon as you can. If you have upgraded them enough, then you can go for S-Trikes which will make you a meta unit in the late game.
The best combo in mid-game is the Bazooka Beetle and Beetle Tank combo. They essentially imitate a Colossus. The Bazooka has high damage and low health, while the Beetle Tank deals low damage and high HP. Put the Bazookas behind the Beetle Tank for a high-health-high-damage combo which is extremely powerful until you unlock the Colossus itself. S-trike is a decent tool, but it really takes off at higher levels. Also, you should unlock the
Mender – []
This is great for healing Beetle Tanks when they are being bombarded. With enough Menders, the tanks receive enough dps to be healed.
For battle support, such as Missile Rains or Boulder Strikes (or any other type of battle support), save them for later alliance wars.
Starbase 5 is where you unlock the full potential of Starbase
Falcons – []
These are both great (and costly) for offense, but amazing for defense so get them if you have the minerals.
How to make money: Fill your Warp Gates to full, then queue up the unit you wish to upgrade. Wait until the unit is finished. The unit will be more expensive and you will get back the same amount of coins you paid for it. You will make a profit if you refund the units in the queue.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
I hope you now have 3 workers on the main planet and enough hammers to have 3 workers in your colonies. This is because you want to avoid certain planets being 'overdeveloped' (you can only upgrade to your current progress) or other planets that are behind you in development.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - DE27D6D
Colonies – []
Your expanding empire's most important asset is your people. By building an, you can get one.
Observatory – []
You can get one more with every upgrade. You can build everything on a colony just like on your main planet, except for more Observatories or the Refinery. To gain workers, activate units, and upgrade units again, which opens up new avenues. Do you only build houses? Are you only interested in building military? What are the chances of being attacked?
My personal recommendation is to use your colonies to make up what you are lacking. If you have been focusing on military, then you might not be able to afford coins or minerals (. If you don't have 1000 friends), you can get 3 workers with the hammers that you have saved up. If you are afraid of being attacked, then you can build defenses or move your colony with 10 chips somewhere far from your main planet. With army-colonies, there isn’t much to loot other than experience points. This is more detrimental than anything because the lower your level the more players you can attack.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 136094A
I hope you are able to find a few friends to help you get items and units. You might have one or two colonies that you haven't placed far. If you don't move your colonies quickly with 10 chip, friends may leak your planet coordinates.
Once you have completed the Save the Starlings mission chain, you can unlock the key to unlock the Save the Starlings! Once you have completed the Save the Starlings campaign mission chain, then you unlock this feature.
Academy – []
These can be used to get great rewards from new players like batteries and Friendship Stones (-free workers!)
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - 8BAE025
Invite a Steam friend to become your student. If they reach level 15 within less than 20 days, you will get rewards depending on (. Check the wiki page).
Early levels can help you gain the workers and batteries that you need so make sure you have friends before you start playing.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 195FF12
Spend all your chips to speed up the upgrade time for your Observatory. This will increase your progress tremendously. Another option is to unlock more training slots for units so that you have more units ready for you when you go offline.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - 02FE255
Alliances are a key feature of the game. It's also the driving force for people to play it. However, it's not recommended to join alliances before Starbase 5-6. If you don’t want to gain gold or items from attacking, then you should avoid climbing up the leaderboard. Keep your alliance mates online and have good defenses and filled up bunkers to minimize losses. Also, avoid expensive armies and ensure that your attacks result in a net profit.
One thing is certain, if you attack one of your colonies, its coordinates will be exposed by the enemy in their battle log. If you want to keep a colony from being looted for resources or warpoints, then hide it far away and avoid attacking with it. You should trust your friends, as anyone on your friends list could leak the coordinates to your enemy.
Even with the net profit wars, it is possible to unlock the Marine unit Medal which unlocks the final upgrade for the Marine. Level 7, level 7 Marines make great looters of any poorly defense planet (Atleast those without Mortars)
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
You now need to concentrate on defenses as you are a prime target for the target spotter. Your base layout is a key factor. There are many guides that can help you with this, but it is recommended that your bunkers be full of Falcons.
Mortars – []
To make the most of their range, it is important to upgrade your base.
Laser Towers – []
Freeze Turrets – []
Missile Launchers – []
They are particularly effective against Beetle Tanks and Bazookas, Strikes, Falcons, and other mid-game threats.

Late Game

Starbase 7-8
At this point, you must have been playing for at least a few months and have all the units and colonies unlocked. You also need to be part of a large alliance. You've seen all the game has to give and are ready for the big leaderboards.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 683EDA4
You have most of your Compact Houses maxed on all your colonies. If you are in a competitive alliance you might not have many friends to protect your coordinates).
For a steady income, you should keep maxing out your Compact Houses. They are safe from the enemy as long as you don't attack those colonies.
You might not be able to spend your minerals on upgrading units as much as you want. Keep collecting Mystery Cubes, and encourage your friends to send them daily.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - CEF60D4
Starbase level 7 is the most interesting place. You can see how top alliances fight their wars. Unlock the Colossus as soon as possible to replace your Beetles, Bazookas, and Falcons. They are great for clearing out enemy bunkers and can be used to fill your own. You can also upgrade the S-trike up to level 6 and begin using them. They are the best offensive unit if enemy bunkers are empty. Menders are pretty much designed for Colossi as they can only heal 1 unit at a time, so Menders work well with quality-above-quantity units. The Zeppelin can also be unlocked, but it isn't a great unit and takes too much time to train.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 136094A
Same deal as in Mid-Game. If you play competitively, only add friends who you trust to keep your coordinates secret. Encourage them to send Mystery Cubes every single day, even if you're not at War.
If you're kind, you can also send your lower-level friends powerful troops. You can recommend a few Colossus or Menders to their Friend Bunker. Your friends will be unbeatable unless the bunker is destroyed by Missiles and Boulder Strikes. In that case, you can just refill the Bunker.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
To speed up the development of your colonies and increase their speed, it is a good idea to have at least 3 workers.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - DE27D6D
You should have all your colonies spread across the galaxy by now.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
You should always have a few Menders or Colossi in your bunkers. They are the best defenses in the game. Your enemy must make more than one attack to take down your base. Bunkers (and Mortars) should be deep within your base, covering every corner. However, they shouldn't be too close together as they can all be destroyed by a single Skull Nuclear weapon. Freeze Turrets are also important as they slow down and easily kill the S-trike, even Mortars.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - 02FE255
If you have been playing alliances competitively, you might have earned a few medals. This is harder to attain on casual alliances, but it saves resources and time on each war.
Now that you are in the big game, it is time to make sure your members are quality over quantity. You need around 10 members who are online 24/7 and can attack to prevent your members from leaking points to enemies.
To protect your units at night, fill your Warp Gates with the cheapest unit you can afford. Then queue up the army that you would like to have the next day. After your base is destroyed, log in and refresh your Warp Gates. If your base hasn't been destroyed, you can remove the Marines from it and refresh your units.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 195FF12
You should spend your chips on unlocking more slots to train units. This will allow you to hide more coins and have more units trained before you go to bed and wake up the next day.

End Game

Starbase 9 – Maxed Bases
You're almost there! What now? Now what?
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 683EDA4
You have maxed all your houses, mines, and possibly even had cubes left over, these should be spent fighting in wars. You probably have all your units maxed out, so you don't have any minerals left. However, there was a building that could be used to address this exact issue.
Use the Refinery ([]

Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - CEF60D4
Now you need to have all the unit medals. Use the level 7 Strike, it's the best unit in the game, wipes out most bunkerless bases (, even then, does massive damage).
You can also use the level 7 along with the S-trike
Starlinators – []
To ensure that the S-trikes remain alive, it is important to strike the defences quickly. The Colossus is the same unit at level 6, 7, but it's more powerful. Menders are still viable units. These are the only units you can use at the end.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
If your last colonies aren’t fully utilized yet, then you can hire 5 workers to help. The rest workers won’t be needed unless you recycle buildings.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 136094A
There is not much to be said here. Keep sending Mystery Cubes, and filling bunkers full of Menders or Colosi.
Perhaps you are ready to mentor younger players and help them become better players, now that you have made so much progress. This makes you a better mentor than the Academy.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - DE27D6D
All colonies are available. The type of colonies you have, after you have obtained 6 for each type, will depend on the mineral you lack for the Skull Nukes. Alternately, you can choose purple colonies such as Habuoyas(. The giant trees) are able to be used to cover up your entire planet and make it almost impossible for the enemy strategically attack.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
Starbase 9 unlocks the final level of turrets. A level 10-11 Cannon Blast is as powerful as a level 1 or 2 Sniper Tower.
This will allow you to get the most out of base layouts. You can also try other guides, or maybe even rewrite some that you already have.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Mid Game - 02FE255
It's time for 1 – to fight for the 1 – position, to strive to get into top alliances. This has been the driving force of the community, and Galaxy Life would not be the same without it. You can lead your own alliance, recruit the best players, and learn the social skills and tricks to rule the game.
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Early Game - 195FF12
Chips aren't used for anything other than moving colonies. You can now use chips to do things you didn't previously like speeding up units, buying premium items, or shields.


I'm grateful to those who helped me in certain areas when creating this guide.
You can leave suggestions in the comments.
Wiki Discord (Flash and Pocket Adventures) – []
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Closure - 7F65941
Covenant Imperium (My Competitive Alliance) Discord – []
Galaxy Life - Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough - Closure - 4B7237B


This is all about Galaxy Life – Gameplay + Loot & Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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