Flashing Lights – How to unlock all achievements

Flashing Lights – How to unlock all achievements 1 - steamlists.com
Flashing Lights – How to unlock all achievements 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, We hope you find the following page, in which we detail the Flashing Lights – How to unlock all achievements Guide, informative.

You can easily achieve all achievements with this guide.

Calls Achievements

This is the achievement you earn by playing. You can use /nm_id command to force next missions to be set on specific calls. You can’t use a specific id two times in a line. In brackets is the id (IDs are added).

Achievements in this category include:

Yonk! ———————- The roof is on fire———-Lifesaver ———————–Burnout

This is a robbery!——- Hot garbage —————-Ded——————————Whoops!

Boomstick—————–Hot rod————————Just a flesh wound———–I’M FREE!! !

Hey! That’s my .——–Get away from here !——– More than a skin wound

Argle Bargle—————You shall not pass!——–Sugar free

Who’s there? ————-Meow!————————You’re breathtaking!! !

Party time!————————————————–Reactive

Where is she?———————————————bluurrggg!

Demolition derby——————————————No Pain

Under the Influence

Very Helpful

Dourt day

Permit required

Out of the Way

Rep Points Achievements

Play the game.

Prop Hunt Achievements

Enter the civilian mode. Be a reckless driver. You will receive a minus if props get hit if you choose emergency services roles.

Other Achievements

Tips on how to accomplish some of the goals are included.

Other Achievements are as follows:

Call an ambulance – Play as first responder to a medic role.

Window Smasher Shooting in Suburbs & Towns

Door Breaker-Ram/break Doors in Suburbs and Towns

Gas Guzzler

I Live Here: Prop Hunt Achievements

Fish and Chips

City Slickers


Decide which step to take first. This achievement or the opposite one.

Decide which action to take first. Is this achievement or the one you want?

Stop! You’ve violated a law!-Drive around to scan vehicles.

Can’t Park There?-Use a Tow Truck with a Call for a Tow



Traffic Manager

Dude, where is my car? Use a tow truck when calling for a tow.

Can I get a replacement?

Spread Out

No Smoking

MEDIC!-Play multiplayer.

That’s Shocking

Use breathalyzer tests on all suspects suspected of DUI

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