Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – All Shadow Secrets

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – All Shadow Secrets 1 -
Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – All Shadow Secrets 1 -

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All Shadow Secrets If you want me to add a theory, please let me know.


Shadow bonnie. This version of the toy bonnie in black and white can appear in your workplace. He will be to your left or right, near the vent, and stare at you. no more fret. Get snuck. You must use the camera to prevent your game from being crashed. I think that there are two possible theories to solve this character when Scott reveals the lore.

The first is the idea that he is the shadow reflection of a person who got spring locked. There is one problem with this theory. How could a toy bennie have existed before fnaf2? It is easy to say that a fredbears second diner opened, because the first was so popular and would be chuck e. Cheese. Spring bonnie is a spin-off animtronic toy and an action figure. It was worn by an employee who got spring locked.

Another theory is that the puppet has been re-imagined as a more aggressive version. He helps souls move on by giving them a cake in fnaf 3 He is an ally in fnafworld and prevents the player from collecting remnants. It is the nature of the puppet to protect the innocent. Shadow bonnie’s doing it. Not to forget that he looks like a puppet! In fnaf he also has GIFTS BOXES. He will also kill you in ar if your remnant is too high. (credits for the second idea go to on youtube)

Shadow freddy. A dark purpleish version is withered golden freddie. He rarely appears as a replacement for withered Bonnies. Do not stare too long at him or your game will crash. The first theory for him was that he looked like shadow bonnie. Except for the fact that he now looks like canon Fredbear. (Look in fnaf 4, minigames). The second theory says that he is a violent version golden freddy, similar to shadow bonnie. This theory can also be used with springlock theory because shadow and Golden freddy used to have golden skin. Shadow freddy, in fnaf3, is leading william’s animtronics into the battle to kill him. Golden freddy also hates william. Other proof for this is that he has an offensive role in fnaf3. Golden freddy’s offensiveness is far greater than that of puppet. Looks and is mentally angry. He also takes the same form of withered golden Freddy. He appears in fnaf6’s pizza sim to stop you from throwing the pizza. He doesn’t let the animtronics rest. Maybe just like fnaf 6 he wants william to be tortured with no food.

The two theories that surround the shadows. There could be a very small chance that William …) could be the fnaf2 guard.

Endo 02 (fnaf 1): endo02 is similar to the endo01 in fnaf1 with a few differences. He can show up at the prize area when the puppet leaves the box or has exited it after you did not wind the music. He can appear in the left air vent but cannot kill you. In a sense, he can be a supportive role. He can be supportive if he rarely appears in the left vent. He might be able to stop others from entering. Oh no new theories are going to appear now lol. And hes likely just withered gold freddys.

jj: Jj appears under your desktop and is just bb. However, some parts are purple. It’s just that. It’s all. MAYBE THERE IS a theory that she controls her-

Minigames will rarely appear after you die. They tell the story.

Paper plate doll in your office: Appears in you office. Look at the title.

You can see hallucinations on the main hall camera when the puppet is removed from the music box. You can see hallucinations on the main hall’s camera.

Withered Freddy screen: This happens rarely, but sometimes when you die. You see the head of withered freddie with black eyed looking directly at you.

Withered foxy screen – just like withered Freddy but withered Foxy. But he seems like he’s staring off to the side. What if it’s something else?

Toy Bonnie Screen: just like the 2 other screens, but he stares directly into your soul. !.

Honk: At the left of your desk, you can honk toy Freddys nose. This will solve your lore. The honking will reveal what jj really is.

If you hold your mouse over toy Freddys nose while pressing c d + at the same time. You can skip the night. This was left behind by scott. (you will need to press the + key on your numberpad).

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