Final Theory – Grandmaster Walkthrough for cheapskates.

Final Theory – Grandmaster Walkthrough for cheapskates. 1 -
Final Theory – Grandmaster Walkthrough for cheapskates. 1 -
A how to win Grandmaster difficulty step by step.
How to save $$ to buy lots of Capital ships late game.
How to properly use Frigates to own the early and mid game.


Why I <3 Frigates

1. They are $50 so if you lose a fleet, big deal. Just keep producing them as fast as you can and keep 20 in reserve. 
2. They KITE once you get Auxiliary Fuel. 
3. Armor piercing means shields don’t matter. Carriers, Destroyers, Battle Cruisers are free food. Dreads are still a pain. 
4. They armor repair and armor harden for infinite sustain until you get zapped by a Dread death ray. 
5. You can drop a defensive stack of 9 Frigates without breaking the bank. 
6. AI rarely nukes Frigate fleets and if they do, you make 5 times the cost back in the new tachnium they donated to you. 
These factors make them the most cost effective ship in the navy. For $450 you can take out a single Dread fleet with full escorts. 2 Dreads is pushing your luck, anything less is easy. 
Final Theory - GM Walkthrough for cheapskates. 
Final Theory - GM Walkthrough for cheapskates. 
Upgrades in order: Auxiliary Fuel, Kinetic Gun, Kinetic Gun II. The others can be ignored unless you plan on getting MK8 frigates. 

Step By Step Walkthrough early game.

Ground Rules. 

  • 1. Build 2-3 FR every turn until you get 20-30 reserve. 
  • 2. Salvage that destroyer you start with. 
  • 3. You are fighting and traveling with MAX fleet capacity FR only fleets. 
  • 4. When fighting Cruisers stay on the 3 spaces behind them.

Step 1. Build a 2 FR fleet. 
Step 2. Explore all the easy to reach neutral specials that don’t cost an extra move to reach. 
Step 3. Take out every garrison you can. 
To start with you can kill 2 DE+1 FR or 2 FR Garrisons. 
Screenshots provided show how to attack from the side so you only get hit with the firepower from 1 ship. 
Always take out frigates before destroyers, the armor pierce hurts. 
Rotate which ships are in between you and the enemy to make use of rechargeable shields and to spread the damage. 
If you hide behind most ships, they cannot target you. 
Step 4. When you reach FR MK II or get a 3rd FR you can take on 3 small ships or 1 Cruiser and 2 small ships. 
Step 5. Get Auxiliary Fuel. KITE!!!!!!!! 
Factor your Frigates as LVL X # of ships. 
4. PWNS up to 350 garrisons. 
6. PWNS up to 500 garrisons. 
9. PWNS up to 750 garrisons. 
12. PWNS 1000 
Mark V is a game changer, because you can KITE forever and repair, unless you get one shotted. 
Whenever possible, take out any Garrison within your ability. 

  • They give you Engineering and Development.= Faster Leveling. 
  • The Empire spawns fleets on garrisons, the more you kill the fewer fleets of doom invade your lands and the more go visit your enemies. 
  • They have more Tachnium than standard spots.

You can use propaganda on Neutral circles. 
At some point you will find frigates unable to compete with multiple Capital ships and then you can switch straight to dreads or BS depending on your fancy. You should have 80% of your cash saved because you only spent at most 150 per turn. You also have non threatening $450 9 ship fleets that own all but the best fleets. 
If you still need help, let me know. 

How to KITE

The way to KITE 
Move each ship(one by one is ideal) to two spaces away from the closest ship. 
Activate Auxiliary Fuel. 
Rinse and repeat until the battle ends. 
Final Theory - GM Walkthrough for cheapskates. 
Final Theory - GM Walkthrough for cheapskates. 

General Tips

Harvesters give 80/Turn. Unless a spot has more than 1600, don’t waste a 2nd harvester. 
Fleets of doom are what a subspace disrupter is for. 
The only spots that truly matter are Enrichment stations. They give NUKES and let you build bigger fleets, anything else can be lost to a fleet of doom and not matter. 
If you can nuke a Fleet of Doom, don’t do it on an Enrichment station. 
Propaganda rarely works on opposing fleets or Yellow spots. 
Find a way to speed up the game animations. 

Quick Advice for Royal

I consider the Royal Navy to be Easy mode. 
Upgrade Destroyers and Kite with them.(Stay out of range till MWD is ready, then move into range and jump away after unloading your payload). 
Lvl 7 Destroyers are easily capable of defeating 1500 power fleets. You will lose ships, but they only cost 100 each. 
When you get bored, you have 2 options: 
1. Get cruisers and LR the %$#@ out of everything. 
2. Pick your capital ship of choice and use your saved up money to do whatever you want with. I personally prefer BS with Dreads supporting. 

By Fuzzy Blanket

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Final Theory – GM Walkthrough for cheapskates.; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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