Fight Crab – How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking

Fight Crab – How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking 4 -
Fight Crab – How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking 4 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, This Fight Crab – How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking Guide was created to help you.

This guide will help Fight Crab users find others to play Versus Mode with.


Fight Crab’s online matchmaking is a lot of fun. However, finding other players to play with can be frustrating and a real test of patience. The player base for Fight Crabs on Nintendo Switch and Steam is small, but it can be reached if you have the resources and coordination.

You can combine the following considerations to increase your odds of connecting with Fight Crab users, whether for “Ranked Matchmaking” or “Free Matchmaking” purposes.



  • This guide may be updated if necessary. Feedback + critique is welcome.

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Time Zone Calculator

JST is the time zone that most of Fight Crab’s active players reside in. JST is 9-hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time / Coordinated Universal Time / UTC+09 and does NOT observe daylight savings time.

Ranked Match

  • The best time to queue up for matches is between 12:00 PM (JST) and 1:00 AM. Please be aware that the server traffic may vary between days within a given week. You may need to wait with patience. [3]

Free Match

  • Match queuing in console-dedicated rooms and crossplay matchrooms appears to be largely inactive. The exceptions are rooms created for non-official events, such as streams from YouTube, Twitch, Kick, Discord, etc. [3].

Users living outside GMT+09/UTC+09 time zones will need to adjust their clocks.



Location [2] Abbreviation UTC Offset Time (12h / 24h)
Tokyo, Japan JST UTC+09 12:00 PM
Wellington, New Zealand NZST UTC+12 3:00 PM / 15:00
Honolulu, Hawai’i (USA) HST UTC-10 5:00 PM/ 17:00
Los Angeles, California (USA) PDT UTC-07 8:00 PM/ 20:00
Dallas, Texas (USA) CDT UTC-06 9:00 PM / 21:00
Miami, Florida (USA) EDT UTC-04 11:00 PM/ 23:00
London, United Kingdom BST UTC+01 4:00 AM / 8:00 AM
Jerusalem, Israel ISR UTC+03 6:00 AM/6:00
New Delhi, India IST UTC+05 8:00 AM/8:00
Manila, Philippines PhST UTC+08 11:00 AM


Example time zone calculators:





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  2. – []
  3. Observations of the author. Anecdotal reports from other users.


RESOURCE 2 : Community networking (via Fight Crab Presskit).

Fight Crab developer Nusso has a presskit page that can be utilized to connect with other Fight Crab enthusiasts between Twitterand Discordinterfaces.

Fight Crab - How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking - RESOURCE 2: Community networking (via Fight Crab Presskit) - 67806A9

Twitter interface

Select users announce and hold unofficial event matches periodically (via online Free match rooms).

  • Event details and timings are usually provided.
  • Most event notifications are written primarily in Japanese. Copy-paste text can be useful for a translator.
  • Most of the tweets are event notifications.


Discord interface (Fight Crab).


  • Language support: English + Japanese
  • Nusso is the only community server that has been verified.
  • Although a little sleepy, it allows for direct bug reports, matchmaking arrangements, and other helpful interactions.


RESOURCE 3: Community networking (via Steam guide, “Fight Crab Instruction Booklet”)

The following Fight Crab Steam guide can be used to access more detailed information about the game—Crab-weapon stats as well as an unofficial Fight Crab Discord community. – []

Fight Crab - How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking - RESOURCE 3: Community networking (via “Fight Crab Instruction Booklet” Steam guide) - DE7FF16

Discord interface:


  • Language support: Japanese-only
  • Unofficial “volunteer group” for “focussing on regular competitions and competition recruitment.”
  • More active than Fight Crab’s official Discord channel


To non-Japanese-speaking users:


  • The desktop version is recommended for text-to-text translation; the mobile version is not recommended.
  • Channel headers can’t be copied and pasted in text translators. (Therefore, navigating to the correct sections could be confusing).


I sincerely hope the Fight Crab – How to Find Users & Groups for Matchmaking was enjoyable for you to read. Please let us know in the comments box below if you find any errors in the post or have any recommendations for how it may be improved, and we will do our best to solve them as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback! Don’t stress about it, and have a wonderful day! The author and creator of The Bloopity-Bloop inspired this post. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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