Fear & Hunger – How to Farm Steal Tips

Fear & Hunger – How to Farm Steal Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Fear & Hunger – How to Farm Steal Tips 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, We hope you find this Fear & Hunger – How to Farm Steal Tips guide useful.

This list includes every item you can acquire using the “steal skill. It also describes how it works and how to master it.

How do you steal

As exclusively Cahara:

– Select “Become a pickpocket.” In the backstory options


– Join a less soul at the Hexen table to learn how to steal


– Go through a book of lost memories

As anyone:

The Scroll of Thievery (a rare drop that can be found in bookcases),


– Kill Cahara and absorb his soul with the soul stone, and then learn to steal with lesser souls at the hexen table.


Accept Nilvan’s terms to be granted an endless soul, then learn steal with less souls at the hexen table


Write using a quill on an empty scroll

(there’s an unassailable scroll in Nosramus home, and quills can be found in crates)





Write using a quill on a scroll that is empty




Learn to steal with fewer souls at a table with hexen

The most straightforward method is to start as Cahara and select “Become a pickpocket.” In the backstory, or as any other character, you can stay in bed or use the book to gain insight. Brute force a bookshelf or use an empty scroll to create an actual scroll. (You can always take an empty scroll from Iron Shakespeare which is probably the best use of one).

How does steal work?

It requires action in combat so it is best to use it in situations where the enemy has been disabled or if there are more than one person in your group.

It always works, so long as the target is an item that you can steal.

Once you’ve used steal on the enemy, you cannot repeat the steal on that particular enemy (multiple instances of the same enemy will result in multiple steals)


() = The number of the opponent in this game

/ = EITHER. So orange/app means you’d get either an apple or orange 50/50 chance

N/A= Not applicable, Nothing

Steal Pool

All doors and bars N/A

Infected by a brainflower – still has the exact same steal pool

Newgods – There isn’t a way to take

Guard(9 – – 10 Silver coins Meat cleaver

1 Guard in prison map – Rotten meat / Cell Key f3

Ghoul(2 – – Rotten meat / dirt

Butterfly N/A

Solo Priest(2 – Solo Priest(2 – Studies of Alll-mer 1/Studies of Slyvian 1

(may be bugged, I’ve only been able of stealing studies of Alll-mer in 20 steal attempts)

Duo Priests – Book of Enlightenment Studies of Gro-goroth

Human Hydra – N/A

Beheaded Wizard/Nas’hrah – N/A

Cavegnomes – N/A

Trortur 2F Key and Vault key

If you already have the 2F Key you can take Murky liquid as well as the Vault Key

Lizardman(4 – – 10 silver coins / Crude sword

Cavemother (Both encounters). N/A

Old Knight – 5 silver coins / Diamond

Old Knight ghost – N/A

Moonless – N/A

Yellow Mage(2 – – 10 silver coins/ Eclipse Talisman

Night Lurch (3 – -5 silver coins or Diamond

Mumbler (5 – -55) silver coins /Diamond

Male Cavedweller(5 – Gnome milk/Egg

Ma’habre Male Cavedweller(2 – – 5 silver coins, Diamond

Female Cavedweller(5 – Gnome milk/Egg

Ballista Guard(2 – 10 silver coins 1 iron arrow

Salmonsnake – N/A

Crow Mauler – Pipe / Opium powder

This includes all ways of encountering the crow mauler

Harvestman(3 – – N/A

Assassin Spectre – N/A

Iron Shakespeare – Quill – empty scroll

Skeleton(3 – – Tobacco / Opium powder

Maneba(7 – – N/A

Cahara – N/A

(You get unique dialogue also)

You were in the act!

“Try to steal from a Thief?”

Cahara smiles at you with a her smug smile.

Author’s Notes: Cahara has taken my heart 3

Enki – N/A

(You get unique dialogue also)

You were caught in the act!

“Keep your dirty fingers out of my gown!”

The Tormented One – N/A

Wheels of Torment(2 – – N/A

Red Man(3 – – N/A

Lord of Flies(4 – Raw meat / Small seeds

Infected Lord of Flies – Raw meat / Small seeds

Scarab – N/A

Black Witch – Soul stoneor Purifying Talisman

White Angel White Angel

Old Guardian Old Guardian

Uterus(5 – – White vial / Orange vial

Skin Granny – N/A

Valteil – 2 Soul stones

Francois – N/A

Moonless Guard(9 – N/A

D’arce – 30 Silver coins/ Longsword

Ragnvaldr – 30 Silver coins / Shortbow and 6 iron arrows

God of fear, hunger and famine N/A

Isayah 30 silver coins/Stroll of fencing

Sir Seril 30 silver coins / Scroll of fencing

Cave Spider – N/A

Bloody Man(5 – – Rotten meat / dirt

Body Snatcher – Soul stone/ Throwing darts

Lady of the Moon Lady of Moon

Traces of Grogoroth 3 N/A

Miner Spectres – N/A

Male Molded (3 – 3 – N/A

Female Molded(3 – – N/A

Blight(3 – – N/A

Greater Mumbler (2 – 5) Silver coins / Diamond

Elite Guard(2 – – 10 Silver coins / Morning star

Hounds(6 – – N/A

Ser Seymor- Scroll of the longsword / Meat Cleaver

Traces of Sylvian- N/A

The Embryo – White vial Orange vial

Yellow Lizardmage (2 – Elixir for the mind and meat cleaver


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