Farming Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic

Farming Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic 2 -
Farming Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic 2 -

Farming Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic

Hey there, Alliance gamers in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery! Hunting for those shiny Iridescent Pearls? Well, you’re in luck because, for you, it’s a bit easier than for our Horde pals. These gems aren’t just lying around; they’re tucked inside Thick-shelled Clams dropped by mobs. Here’s the catch: you’ve got to open each clam by hand to maybe get a pearl, not just the usual Tangy Clam Meat. And hey, if you’re into cooking, those clams have got some tasty insides.

So, why chase after these Iridescent Pearls? If you’re dabbling in Blacksmithing or Tailoring to create cool gear for Level 20 and above, these pearls are your ticket. Items like the snazzy Shining Silver Breastplate in Blacksmithing or those sleek Spidersilk Boots in Tailoring are total must-haves. And those boots? Super popular, since there are loads of cloth wearers in this season. Remember, in Phase 1, only Warriors get to strut around in mail armor.

Now, when you’re out there farming Thick-shelled Clams, keep in mind there’s just a 3% chance of finding an Iridescent Pearl in each one. The odds might seem slim, but the rewards? Totally worth it. You’ve got two main ways to hunt for these clams:

Farming Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic 1 -
Farming Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic 1 –

1. Run Blackfathom Deeps

This is the go-to 10-man raid in Season of Discovery. Loads of mobs here drop those clams you’re after.

2. Grind on Bluegill Murlocs in the western Wetlands

These Murlocs are clam-dropping champs. Just head to the western part of the Wetlands, and you’re golden.

Horde players, I feel for you. Your chances to farm Iridescent Pearls in Phase 1 are a bit limited because of the Level 25 cap. Stuck with Horde? Your best bet is Blackfathom Deeps. If you dare to venture into the Wetlands, you’ll need a solid crew to make it through to the far west of the zone.

Alliance friends, you’ve got a smoother path to those pearls. But remember, there’ll be a bunch of other players eyeing those Murlocs in the Wetlands, so expect some competition.

Wondering about those Bluegill Murlocs? They’ve practically taken over the marshes in the western Wetlands. If you’re at the level cap, hopping from one Murloc to the next should be a walk in the park. Check out the map below for the exact hotspot of these Murloc invaders.

So, spend some time battling the Bluegill Murlocs in that area, and before you know it, you’ll be swimming in Thick-shelled Clams. Just a heads-up: each clam has only a 3% chance of holding an Iridescent Pearl.

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