Fae Farm – How to Removed Shade Clouds Tutorial

Fae Farm – How to Removed Shade Clouds Tutorial 1 - steamlists.com
Fae Farm – How to Removed Shade Clouds Tutorial 1 - steamlists.com

Fae Farm – How to Removed Shade Clouds Tutorial

Imagine being on Fae Farm, a place where magic’s as common as dirt. But wait – there’s a hiccup. Those pesky Shade Clouds are cramping your style, blocking off some of the best spots. Want the inside scoop on moving them out of the way? Pull up a chair, and let’s dive in.

Now, you might be wondering, why fuss over some clouds? They’re not just regular clouds, buddy. They’re in between you and some super cool secrets. But the good news? With a bit of magic and a touch of elbow grease, they won’t be a problem for long.

How to Get Your Hands on the Vortex Spell

Alright, the magic word (literally) here is the Vortex Spell. Before anything else, you need to unlock it. Kick things off by sorting out the Story Quests (you know, the ones in our Starter Guide). Once you’re through, you’ll hear from Alaric – trust me, he’s got the goods. He’ll hand over your very first magic staff. Yep, you’re officially in the magic club now!

Staff in hand, it’s dungeon time. Dive into the first one you find. Somewhere deep down, you’ll meet a magical creature, and trust me, it’s not just there for a chat. It’ll set you up with a mission named “A Watery Wonder“. Get through that, and the Vortex Spell? It’s all yours.

From then on, any time those Shade Clouds are killing your vibe, whip out your staff, hit F, and watch them vanish. It’s like having a magic vacuum cleaner. Just remember, when starting out, you might feel a bit drained (blame it on the Mana). But give it a day or two, and you’ll clear the skies in no time. And hey, with those clouds gone, you’ve got new parts of the farm to explore and some fuzzy new animals waiting to be your pals.

So, next time you’re on Fae Farm, and those Shade Clouds are giving you side-eye, just remember the magic’s in your hands (literally). Happy cloud-busting!

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