Evil Dead: The Game – How To Find Map Pieces?

Evil Dead: The Game – How To Find Map Pieces? 1 - steamlists.com
Evil Dead: The Game – How To Find Map Pieces? 1 - steamlists.com

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Before they can defeat this evil adversary, they must find the Kandarian Dagger. These pages will not be revealed until a unique mapping has been made. The map has been dispersed across the map and broken into three parts, making it difficult to find. This guide can help you locate the Map Pieces for Evil Dead: The Game.


Finding the missing three parts map in Evil Dead: The Game

When you enter a match to represent the defenders, the top right corner will display a mission objective. This objective will say something like, “Collect the piece of map near Faison Farm.” This will usually point at the piece closest to where you’re located. I believe all players will be able to find the same piece.

You might find that the structure you were supposed to search for doesn’t contain the map. If this happens, don’t panic. This isn’t a demon playing on your mind. To find the missing piece on the map, you must search the entire circle of gray that has been drawn around it.

It will be easier to complete this task if you have your entire map open. This can be achieved by pressing the key M on the keyboard or using select buttons on the controller.

As you get closer, you will notice the exclamation mark marked in the region. If you approach the missing part of the map while holding down E, you can retrieve it. The mission objective should change at this point. It will provide you with a new direction and help you find the next piece. A green halo will highlight the map.

Keep in mind, though the order in which the map pieces are arranged varies from game to game, the map can only be placed in a few locations. It will be mounted on a flat wall at a height that is comfortable and will face the opposite side of a room. Look for historical or museums that would make sense.

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