Equipment and Museum Gameplay in One-armed Robber

Equipment and Museum Gameplay in One-armed Robber 7 -
Equipment and Museum Gameplay in One-armed Robber 7 -

Equipment and Museum Gameplay in One-armed Robber

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ready to become a stealth pro in One-armed Robber? You’ve got your trusty suppressed pistol and a lockpick – classic tools for a sneaky mission. Here’s the lowdown: your first task is to unlock the front door without alerting the guards. They’re not too sharp, so you’ve got a decent window to slip past them. Just be a little careful, okay?

As for the cameras, they’re about as observant as a napping cat. Sprint right past them and those clueless guards. When you’re in the main hall, stick to the left wall – it’s your secret path to staying unseen. Watch the guards move and dance between their patrols like you’re playing a game of shadow tag.

Here’s a hot tip: on that left wall, there’s a door just waiting for your lockpick. Inside, you’ll find a guard and, more importantly, the manager’s office. That’s where the magic blue keycard is hiding. Just a heads up, there’s an answering station nearby, so keep your ears open.

Step 2: Descending into the Basement

Keep hugging that left wall until you hit the basement door. Inside, play it cool and wait for the guard to take a walk before you make your move. Watch out for a sneaky camera in the basement. Wait for it to look the other way, then go for the alarm shutdown door. It’s all about timing!

Step 3: Dealing with Alarms and Handling Guards

Backtrack to where you outsmarted that guard earlier. Find a door on the left to picklock. Got a camera in the room? Take it out when the upstairs guard isn’t looking. Then, it’s lights out for the guard on the upper floor. Don’t worry about his buddies – they won’t even notice he’s gone. When the coast is clear, hop down, unlock another door, and sneak up on the last guard. The answering station? It’s right in the middle of the main hall. And remember, you can always run past the guards. They’re not exactly eagle-eyed.

Step 4: Securing the Loot and Making an Escape

  • Guns’s with silencers + Gear that you need

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  • Manager room + Keycard

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Time for the grand finale! Grab a pallet on wheels and load up your loot. Keep an eye out for nosy guards, though. Sneak out through the back door with your treasure and head to your van. There’s no cameras out back, so it’s smooth sailing. Nail this heist, and you’re looking at a cool 112k. Talk about a payday! Credits to somebody

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