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Welcome to Dwarf Fortress – Wiki and Gameplay Guide. This guide will teach basic gameplay and tips, especially for new players.



First, go to the dfwiki

https://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Quickstart_guide – [dwarffortresswiki.org]

Things that dwarves require

All your stuff should be moved to a safe place, preferably underground


You will ALWAYS need:



In case of freezes, fresh water source. (It can be dirty, get it done indoors or underground.)

Source of food – fish, meat, or vegetables/fruit


If your animals eat gra*s, make sure they are penned underneath gra*s.

Try to acquire cloth of each type. Make sure you have multiple gems cut and uncut. Also, make sure you have everything else you need for STRANGE MOODS

You can build a door and cover your dwarves’ hidey hole (. Or you can manually lock out enemies)

If you are connected to your civil [islands] before autumn (, designate a broker

Make some barrels

Make some tables

Make some chairs

Make some wheelbarrows (Great for trading and easy to make [although this version is heavy and trade caravans have weight limits])

Make some crafts (to give to elves)

Make a manager

Large custom stockpiles that don’t contain corpses, stone, and/or wood can be made.

Large indoor stockpiles with stone and wood can be made.

Make a secret outdoor stockpile with corpses.

Make a few coffins, place them manually, and label them as a tomb to ensure you don’t forget.

It’s not important, but it is important to do it anyway.

Make a hospital and figure out how to make the hospital staff work in this version.

Make a meeting room

Make a temple

Make a library

Make a military

Make sure you are well.

Purchase gypsum plaster

Prepare food with a chef.

Make a variety of crafts.


Dogs and cats

If you don’t have multiple petlocked doors, cats and dogs should not be kept in pens. Your dwarves will have to corral them back into the pens constantly.

Make sure you GELD your animals only if you have enough. You cannot spay females, and you can only GELD males. Your female animals may be pregnant when your last male is gelded. This means that the babies also need to geld.


Final Note:

Every movement slows down the game.

200 dwarves is the maximum, and it is way too many

More than 100 animals are dangerously and stupidly able to move.

Beware of Cat Explosions (many babies)

Don’t underestimate water. Groundwater movement is so mysterious and occult that trying to control it will only lead you to your demise. Water movement can also slow down your game.

Have fun, but don’t get into the trap of saving scumming. The game is more enjoyable as a story than a management and construction game. The story of your fortress’s fall is entertaining and a story.


Written by Great Dog

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dwarf Fortress – Wiki and Gameplay Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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