Drift Showcase – How to Claim Bonus and Rewards

Drift Showcase – How to Claim Bonus and Rewards 1 - steamlists.com
Drift Showcase – How to Claim Bonus and Rewards 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this post, we will provide you with information regarding the Drift Showcase – How to Claim Bonus and Rewards, and we hope you will find this page helpful.

This guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of the game’s mechanics and some tips for advancing faster!


The game is based on drifting shows and becoming famous.

You can choose any level to do this and then do a timed-drift show. The most crucial thing is to impress people, which will lead you to gain more fans and receive higher rewards for each show.

Perform slide based tricks like “Speed Drift”, “Pro Drift”, and perform the tasks. You should start by doing a few long, continued slides. This will increase the drift multiplier. Keep sliding at high-speed and wide angle to increase the multiplier.

The more you move, the better you look to the public. This will lead to more fans.

Note: to make your progress faster, you should start every show with continuous slides. This is a good strategy as the counter steer mechanisms allow you to keep your car at an angle and speed. You can also efficiently perform Pro Drift tricks (explained in the following section), adding XP to your score and energizing the crowd.


The crowd state on the screen by two bars or fans-ometers.

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The blue bar represents the current crowd involvement, while the orange represents “total participation”. The orange bar is filled according to the blue one.

The blue bar fills faster than the orange one.

The orange bar is a measure of how well your show was received.

Keep the orange bar filled as this multiplies the reward of each show and the number of new fans. If the quality is not high enough, the crowd will get bored, and the bars may empty.


Earn XP for performing stunts like “Speed Drift”, and completing other tasks like “Gate Slides”, and “Pole Hits”. The higher the XP is, the higher level the driver will be.


The number is calculated by XP-points per show. It also takes into account the current level of the driver and how engaged the crowd is. The higher the number of XP points you earn per show, the faster your driver level will increase, attracting more fans.


Long slides can lead to a good score. Watch the widgets. The higher the multiplier for drift, the better the score. If you keep a speed above 40 km/h, or an angle greater than 60 degrees, the drift multiplier increases for a higher score. The drift multiplier bar will remain full if you keep it full. This allows you to perform stunts that are based on sliding, such as Slide Drift. Completing available task objects will give you more XP.

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STUNTS And Sliding

Available stunts

  • Slide Drift This one is performed by drifting for five seconds with a speed multiplier of 5. Once the drift multiplication reaches x5, orange will be the color of the circle bars and they will begin to fill back up. A Slide Drift is performed when the circle bar reaches a certain level. If one or more of the bars is full you will be given a choice of other stunts depending on where they are.
  • Speed Drift is required to match the rule of Slide Drift. In this case, if the Speed Drift bar is at 100% in color blue and you have the Speed Drift multiplier set to x5, it will perform a Speed Drift stunt.
  • The rule for Slide Drift must be met. Angle Drift stunt can be performed in case the Angle Drift Bar is 100% blue and the Drift Multiplier is x5.
  • When the Slide Drift rules are met, you will get this stunt done when Speed Drift & Angle Drift bars reach 100%.

Available task objects

  • This is done by entering the gate and exiting it while drifting. The task has not been completed if you do not exit the gate after drifting out.
  • Pole Hit To perform the pole hit, you will need to hit with the rear of your car as you drift.
  • This one’s simple. Just drift through. If you aren’t drifting your car when you go through a clipping point, then it won’t count as successful.
  • It’s fun to smash blocks. Just drive over a block. Drifting may not be necessary but it is important to note that steering the car into a corner can be difficult until you are used to the car.
  • Jump Drift is easy to use and also fun. Drive through any jump-off ramp and land safely



Reward is calculated based on current event score. You get 1,000 credit for every 100,000 points. Total crowd engagement multiplies the credits, so make sure you always engage the crowd. Do stunts, do longer slides and complete tasks.


As soon as you reach rank 1, you’ll earn bonus credits. You will receive 1,000 credits with each rank. If you’re at rank 3, then you get +3,000 credit bonus for each show.

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