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This guide is intended to help newer players understand the basics of DB:tB.


This guide will cover the basics of survival and annihilation for (victims of temporal anomaly. For the moment, you can call me Courier. This guide is for those who are just beginning to get trapped in temporal seams, but can also be used by those who are more experienced with delving.
Let's get started without further delay.

Gameplay Dynamic

Matches are played in a 1v7 format, with 7 Survivors and one Raider.
The Survivors' objectives are to locate and place Power Keys all over the map in order to create a Super Time Machine. This will cause the temporal anomaly to stabilize the raider and neutralize it.
The Raider's goal is to eliminate the Survivor Team by any means necessary.



Survivors must locate and place the Power Keys in their slots to achieve the game's objective. However, it is not the main objective. The main goal of a survivor is to survive the anomaly using various means and ends.


The main goal of a Raider is to eliminate all Survivors in the anomaly.

Conditions to Win



Super Time Machine

The Super Time Machine activation results in the instant neutralization and surrender of the Raider to the remaining Survivors. The victory extends to the downed, but not defeated Survivors.
The Super Time Machine start-up initializes when all Power Keys have been placed or there is no more area to place Power Keys in. This means that the Raider can force the Start Up Sequence to occur by destroying any areas where Power Keys are not yet placed.

Battle Victory

The Raider may be defeated in combat by the Survivors, which could also help them to survive. To overwhelm the Raider, this will require coordination and cooperation from the Survivors.

Last Resort

Survivors must call the Escape Time Machine to activate certain beacons. An Escape is possible by calling the Escape Time Machine and charging up it.
(Sidenote – The Escape Time Machine beacons won't appear if the Super Time Machine was activated before the defeat of the 4th Survivor. Only the Super Time Machine can be destroyed by the Raider to activate the beacons.)




This is the most common Raider win condition. It involves defeating the Survivor team. The triggers upon the death of the last Survivor.

Temporary Escape

Although it is not a win condition, the Escape Phase can be triggered by 3 Survivors remaining in a match or the destruction the Super Time Machine. The Escape Phase can also be triggered by 1 or more Survivors escaping through the Escape Time Machine.

No Escape

The Escape stage starts by either destroying or rescuing the Super Time Machine. If only three Survivors remain in the anomaly at the moment, the Raider can win by spotting a Survivor using Escape Time Machine and destroying it. This will make escape impossible for any remaining Survivors, and the Raider will instantly win the match.


This section explains how certain Survivor mechanics work and provides strategies to help them survive in the anomaly.




A barrier is the only defense OF to a survivor's integrity. Many people consider having a barrier up, or a broken barrier, as health states. A Barrier will activate upon receiving any type of damage. It will give the Survivor a few seconds more damage invulnerability, before completely breaking and leaving them defenseless. A barrier can make the difference between life or death for survivors. You can use the time you are granted by your barrier to learn Active Skills to try to save yourself from being taken down.

Active Skills

Active Skills are actions that can activate at any time provided they are not on cooldown. They are the Survivor's consistent method of countering the Raider. Active Skills can be used to either escape/gain distance from the Raider or immobilize it. It is a good idea to have at least one of both sides in your loadout. Keep them ready and primed, and never use them unless absolutely necessary.
(Sidenote – Some Active Skills are tied to Transpheres. They can only be equipped if the associated Transphere has also been equipped. The Solar Flare skill being linked to the Tien Shin Han Transphere is a prime example.)

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are abilities that can be activated at any time by the Survivor and have no penalty cooldown. These skills are primarily for utility and will not deter Raiders from their pursuit.
Transpheres can also be used to link passive skills. A Yamcha Transphere might give the Passive Skill [Movement Speed Enhancement: Dirt] which allows Survivors to increase their movement speed when they travel on dirt or sand.

Dragon Level and Change

Dragon Change is the act of changing into one of the Transpheres equipped with Dragon Levels. A Survivor with a Piccolo, a Tien and a Goku Transphere(will transform into Tien if they have a Dragon Level of 1 or into Goku if they have a Dragon Level 3.
You can increase your Dragon Level by acquiring Change Power S, L, or M, which grants different amounts of Power.
Dragon Change is the only way Survivors can stand toe-to-toe with Raiders, but it is short-lived and suffers from damage from Raiders. A Survivor should never attempt fighting a Raider by himself.
The best use of Dragon Change is to escape. Survivors can still use Active Skills during Dragon Change.


Items are essential for survival, providing opportunities beyond what is possible with normal abilities. Some items are more useful than others. However, knowing how to use the items you get can make a difference in your survival. With the exception of Zeni and Dragon Balls which can consume inventory space, survivors can only carry two items at a time.

Change Power

It is the most commonly found item, and it is also the most important to keep in mind as the Raider gains power. S (Small)) and L (Large versions of) can be found in supply crates and destructible environment objects (pots and beds, chairs, crates etc.). Vending Machines scattered across the map can only provide medium change power.
You can also acquire 3 Change Power S by rescuing Civilians.


Zeni, a currency that can be tracked outside and inside matches, is used to purchase products from Vending Machines. Zeni can be obtained by degrading environmental objects or picking large gold bars (, which equals to 500 Zeni).


There are 3 flavors of radors. Only one flavor has 3 sizes, but if you purchase the other flavors, it will apply that size to all three flavors.
The Dragon Radar is used primarily for the localization and tracking of Dragon Balls. It is perhaps the most important type radar because of its range. Tracking range increases from a Level 1 to a Level 2 Dragon Radar. The same goes for Level 3 Dragon Radar.
Only a Dragon Radar with a high level will increase the range of the other two types of Radars. All radars can be merged into one display. Survivors need only pick up each type once, with the exception of the Dragon Radar to increase the display's range.
Civilian Radars, as the name suggests, show Civilian positions whenever they are within range. Power Key Radar does exactly the same thing but with Power Keys.
Raiders cannot search for radars within supply crates.

Vegeta's Gloves

This item grants Survivors a disposable Galick Gun Super Attack, which can be used outdoors or during Dragon Change.

Rocket Launcher and Super Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher is a weapon which will launch a rocket that will stun the Raider if it connects. Only one rocket.
The Super Rocket Launcher works mechanically the same way as a Rocket Launcher but has a gold finish and 3 rockets.

Barrier Recovery Device

It is an item that can be used to break down a barrier. The interaction lasts for a short time. The item can be used by Survivors who move about while they are using it. If a Survivor falls from a height that allows for the Heavy Landing* animation, or is downed, the item's interaction may be disrupted. If one finds one, it is advisable to grab it for later use.
(Heavy landing: This is a state that occurs when a person falls from a great height. Upon landing, it temporarily immobilizes the Survivor)

Senzu Beans

Senzu Beans, the game's revival item, allow for immediate pickups for either the Survivor and their allies. Senzu Beans can also be used to help allies. Simply equip the Senzu Beans by pressing E on them. The holder can also use Senzu Beans if they are in the Downed* condition.
(The Knocked Out state differs from the Downed State. After being defeated by the Raider, the Survivor can no longer take any action. In the Downed state, they can crawl.
WARNING: A Senzu Bean is not recommended for the first instance of entering the Downed condition unless the Raider is already gone or preoccupied. A Senzu Bean in the first instance of the Downed status does not reset your previous state and allows the Raider to immediately eliminate you from the match, instead of placing you in the Knocked Out.

Cooldown and Supercooldown Drink

These items allow for a quick recharge of Dragon Change once you have left that state. A standard Cooldown Drink can restore 40% of Dragon Change, while a Super Cooldown drink restores approximately 75%.

Dragon Balls

7 of them can be found all over the map and can both be picked up by Survivors and Raiders. All 7 can be collected and taken to a Dragon Altar. These Altars are located in all areas of the map.
Two wishes are available to survivors. The first is Ultimate Power. This grants the summoner Change level 4, which transforms into the warrior inside Transphere on the third slot, i.e. the Change Level 3 warrior.
The second wish is to grant all remaining allies a single level Dragon Change (from 0-1, 1-2, and so on)). Cannot be used beyond Change Level 3.
Raiders can also have 2 wishes, with the exception Frieza.
The Raider's level should be increased to maximum. The second wish should restore all health.


A Raider is the main threat to the Survival Forces. They are not to be underestimated and can be unstoppable if they are relentless in their approach. Even with this notion, a Raider can be easily overwhelmed by their enemies and easily dispatched.

Gameplay Styles

Each Raider has a unique gimmick which makes them stand out from the rest. Here's a quick overview:


Cell is the most balanced Raider. Cell can level up quite effectively and sport strength with vicious skill so is well-equipped for any situation, whether it's on the defensive or offensive.


Frieza is a strong character from the beginning. He can easily defeat Survivors far away. Frieza has one downside. He doesn't get as much Level power from Civilians and Survivors. This means that he can take the entire match to reach level 4. His active abilities also remain the same, even though he changes forms. His passive ability allows him to gain Change Power in return for taking damage and a Shenron wish which negates all damage.

Majin Buu

Majin Buu is a Raider that must be unleashed to cause havoc. He has the ability to keep him in battle for longer and restore a little bit of health after he finishes off anyone. Spopovich or Yamu may take some time to get Buu out of the egg. This gives survivors time to use Power Keys. Buu has a mechanic that, upon reaching the threshold at which Raider's would normally enter Level 4 Buu sucks everyone in the match into a pocket dimension. Survivors have only two options: to free Majin Buu, or perish. The former frees everyone from the pocket, but Buu is transformed into Kid Buu.


Combat is an integral part of matches. It refers to any time a Survivor confronts a Raider during Dragon Change.
It is still unclear how combat works exactly. This guide will be updated to reflect any breakthroughs (, i.e. Vanish Counters that might occasionally occur) will be added to this guide.

Combat level disparity

Have you ever fought against Raiders and they just blocked your attack while knocking back? Combat Level Disparity can explain this.
This refers when a Dragon Level exceeds or equals a Raider Level. Hits from the Raider will not be blocked if the Dragon Level exceeds the Raider Level. However, hits from the Raider may be blocked. Both sides are equal in level. However, the Raider will naturally have the advantage because of the nature of their kit.

Ranged Attacks

These can range from repeated Ki Blasts to signature Beam Attacks. You can avoid Ki Blasts by moving quickly, while Beam Attacks are easily avoided by using well-timed Vanishes.

Super Attacks

Super Attacks are available to both Raiders and Survivors. Super Attacks for Survivor depend on the Dragon Level and Transphere in the level slot. They also have costs during Dragon Change.
Raider Super Attacks are dependent on Raider Level and are subject to cooldown. Area Destruction can only be recharged by reaching higher Raider Level, which limits the use of this Super Attack at 3 times.
(Fun fact – The Shenron summoning ritual may be interrupted by Area Destruction. It is wise for the Raiders to save their last Area Destruction to stop the ritual. All Dragon Balls will be scattered following Area Destruction and must be gathered again.)

Evasive Moves

These abilities are only available to Raiders, allowing them to escape from whatever is immobilizing them.
Cell gains Perfect Barrier at Level 4 and has Afterimage. Only Frieze can have Buster Break at all levels, except Level 1, and Buu can yell at all levels after awakening.

End Section

This guide will be constantly updated to reflect player discoveries, strategies, and information you may need.
To prevent unfortunate Survivor situations, I encourage readers to leave comments.
With that being said, I want to thank you for reading this text.
I will be looking for any valuable information.
-The Mafioso Courier


This is all about DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Gameplay Dynamic Playthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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