Desynced – Scouting and Storing Resources Guide

Desynced – Scouting and Storing Resources Guide 6 -
Desynced – Scouting and Storing Resources Guide 6 -

Hi, welcome to this post, This Desynced – Scouting and Storing Resources Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

Desynced is a sci-fi strategy game with fully customizable units and behaviors. Gather, build, research, and explore the unknown. Alone or with friends, unveil the mystery of an AI on the edge of self-awareness and uncover the hidden truth in this blend of strategy, automation, and exploration.

Scouting resources

Desynced - Scouting and Storing Resources Guide - Scouting resources - 253A7D0 These little scouts will run around the map and locate resource nodes. They are incredibly inexpensive and can be manufactured in large quantities early in the game.

They follow a simple logical pattern:

  • Beware of other signal bots for resource signals do not mark the same resource
  • Find an information node
  • determine the most abundant resource in mixed fields
  • signal that resource and the amount you can see

The signal bot will automatically move whenever a resource is exhausted. It doesn’t have a radar, and so sometimes, multiple bots will mark the same spot of resources. It will avoid the detection the signaling bot.


Use a worker to serve as a chassis. Add a behavior processor and an energy source such as solar panels. Done.



Loop through the signals. Calculate the distance between each signal. If the signal is within visible range, you can evade and repeat from the beginning. Once all signals are processed and there is no need to dodge you can continue to search for resources.

Desynced - Scouting and Storing Resources Guide - Scouting resources - 30390F4

You can go through all the resource nodes that you can see. Calculate the amount of each resource you can see. Select the largest amount and mark the resource (with the amount). If there are no resources, i.e. when you would indicate a 0 amount then move the device and repeat the process.

Desynced - Scouting and Storing Resources Guide - Scouting resources - C1BF46C

The logic is rough and can be improved.


Storing resources

This is where you’ll drop off your transportation and then enter your base to receive resources. Distribute resources from here as you like.

Desynced - Scouting and Storing Resources Guide - Storing resources - 736C9CA

I prefer to create a large warehouse chain, but this system fits a small storage well. In that case, you must outsource the second radio transmitter elsewhere and skip the item transporter.

This storage uses two radio transmitters, a behavior controller, and the item transporter.

The behavior and broadcasts control one radio to tell the storage manager that it has space available. Space available is a sign that the resource is running out since I built this logic at the top of the chain that distributes resources. This logic can be implemented in the middle of multiple storage chains to identify shortages earlier.

The second radio can be placed anywhere and broadcasts the location of the dropoff point for specific resources. The Radio Transporters will query this channel to determine the best spot to go. I point it towards the end of my storage chain.


Desynced - Scouting and Storing Resources Guide - Storing resources - DE5902A

The logic determines whether a slot is locked (always lock slots for storage!) is empty. If that is the case, it broadcasts the resource type and a predetermined number (infinity in my instance) to the radio on a specified channel.



Not needed. You can utilize any warehouse that has enough slots for items.


This Desynced – Scouting and Storing Resources Guide is now complete. We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions on how we may improve this post. Thank you very much; I hope you have a fantastic day! A post that NormalityBytes made inspired this guide, so a big thank you goes out to him for that! Also, don’t forget to Bookmark Us if you enjoy the post, we add new posts daily with more content, so check us often for more posts!

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