DAVE THE DIVER – Staff Hiring + Training and Configuration Guide

DAVE THE DIVER – Staff Hiring + Training and Configuration Guide 1 - steamlists.com
DAVE THE DIVER – Staff Hiring + Training and Configuration Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome to this post We hope you find this DAVE THE DIVER – Staff Hiring + Training and Configuration Guide useful.
Please be aware that this guide contains small spoilers for a late-game feature.
If you don’t want to read spoilers, this section will provide you with some solid hiring suggestions for early-game personnel. If you’re late in the game or don’t mind small spoilers, you can skip ahead to this section.


Early game hiring recommendations:

  • Kitchen: James, Raul, Yone, Yusuke, Charlie, Maki
  • Dining Areas: El Nino Drae Raptor Billy Kyoko, Cohh Itsuki
  • Dispatch: Masayoshi, Davina, Yusuke, Pai, Carolina

*The underlined are a must, but the rest are also decent.

Here’s an overview of the stats:

  • Cooking: Reduces the amount of time needed to prepare food
  • not increases the speed of movement, but is it a factor in drink serving speed?
  • Procure: increase the number of items obtained when dispatched
  • Appeal: increases your chances of receiving random bonus items at dispatch, but does it affect the amount you receive in tips, which is always 10%?

This concludes the spoiler-free section. If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading.


Raul James Charlie Yusuke

Yone and Yone have the best cooking stats, and the best cooking skills. Early on, Maki is also available. Her skillset however is not as impressive.

It’s okay if you don’t see these people on your applicant list. The kitchen part is pretty chill and can’t really go wrong. Anyone with a stat of cooking will suffice.


  • Maki: Cooking+, Cooking++
  • Charlie, Yusuke (Cooking+, Prep Expert): 5% chance to make an additional plate.
  • Yone Cooking++ Expert (5%)
  • James Cooking+, Prep master (10%)
  • Raul: Master Drinkmaker, Prep Master (10%)

When Raul cooks, you’ll get an additional 10g of income for all drinks. (Including cocktail). Consider hiring Raul even if his cooking stats are slightly lower, but still acceptable.

Dining Area

Here’s your chance to choose. Do you want to have a fully automated team, or do you mind grinding wasabi a couple of times each night?

  1. If you are looking for a hands-free combo:
    • Main store: 2A09032862A & Raptor
    • Branch: Drae (manager), Billy, Itsuki/Kyoko

    You may lose 1-5 clients each night, but the system will still run. You can just watch.

  2. If you like the taste of wasabi, try this combination:
    • Main store: 2A09032862A & Drae
    • Branch: Kyoko/Raul (manager), Billy, Raptor

    It is almost impossible to miss a customer. All you have to do is stand next to the wasabi grinder and grind it when the wasabi runs low. You can help out if that is what you want, but grinding wasabi alone will suffice.


  • Cleaning+ and Drink Serving+ (cocktail is not included).
  • Wasabi Refill Cocktail Serving, Raptor
  • Cleaning, Cocktail Service Drae
  • Billy: Cleaning+, Tip Master (always get tips)
  • Itsuki – Drink Serving, Appeal stat+
  • Kyoko – Drink Serving, Tipping Master
  • Raul : Master Drink Maker and Prep Master (10% Chance of Making an Additional Plate)

The dining room, however, does not provide as much freedom as the kitchen. The current version of the 1.0.0 game is based on the number of dishes you can prepare. Cooking can be a breeze.

To achieve high profits, the dining area must be set up properly. We choose staff members with high serving Stat (meaning fast movement speed) and those who have the necessary skills to serve. We also need to consider the teamwork of the staff members when pairing them. Let’s look at the example of Drae with Raptor. They both have the Cocktail Serving Skill, but in most cases, a single one member of staff is enough to fulfill all the cocktail orders. Combining Drae to Raptor is a waste of both their skill slots.

We take a lot of factors into account when deciding on the configuration of the dining area. I would hire and place staff as suggested above. I am confident that these are the best combinations. You will probably need to place multiple recruitment ads before you get the crew you want, but it’s worth the effort.

You should hire El Nino, Drae, Billy, and Raptor if you see them in the application list. They are good. You won’t regret hiring them.

In case you were curious, since the term manager was mentioned several times in this guide, let me tell you a little bit about it:

Once someone is designated the manager (within the context of the games), they become omnipotent. They can do all the work, such as cleaning, serving drinks, and grinding wasabi without any skills. They do prioritize work for which they are skilled. I guess it’s just the way that the role is programmed.

The manager’s cooking statistic will also determine your branch’s rank. This rank is the maximum you can send (yes, it’s two different ranks) to the branch.

For example, if your branch is ranked 7, you cannot send any ingredients rated 8 or above to the branch. This will limit menu variety.

The rank of the branch can be seen under the staff button when you’re at the department. The level of the ingredients can be seen under the ingredients button when you’re at the main shop or the branch.

You can simplify things by ensuring that the cooking stat for your branch manager is greater than 450. This will allow you to use all ingredients at the branch. If you follow the guide and your branch manager’s stats are maxed out, you should be fine.

Forage Team

I’m sure many of you already know the answer.

When it comes down to dispatch (forage), there are only two stats that matter.

The Procure code determines how many items you can expect to receive, while the appeal code determines your chances of getting a random bonus item.

Here, should be the main focus. This is because a high stat means you will have a steady supply. The stat appeal determines your chance of receiving bonuses. Don’t expect too much.

Also, it would be great if the candidate has dispatching expertise.

The answer is obvious when you put these conditions together.

Right? Not much to be surprised about.

They both have 800+ dispatch statistics which guarantee a successful dispatch, and specialized skills, which increase the number of items acquired (I believe the skill only grants you one extra item, but i still have to check).

If the specialized skills condition was dropped, Yusuke (with 700+ dispatch stats at level 20), Pai (with 700+ dispatch stats at level 20), and Liu (with 700+ dispatch statistics at Level 20) could be considered decent hunters.

The list can be expanded to include Itsuki, which has a dispatch stat of 600+ and is a 24-A09031533A. What more can you ask?


  • Davina, Dispatch master (acquires more items), Appeal Stat+
  • Masayoshi Preparation Master, Dispatch Master (10% chance to make an additional plate).
  • Yusuke Cooking+, Prep expert (5% chance of making a second plate)
  • Pai: Serving+, Cooking+
  • Carolina: Tip Master (always get tips), Wasabi Refill
  • Liu Serving+, Cleaning
  • Itsuki – Drink Serving, Appeal stat+

I may still add some details after some testing but they aren’t essential to gameplay so we should be ok for now.

Possible Questions

  • Q. Can any staff member be missed?

    A: No.

    All of your recruitable employees are available to you from the start. You can hire them if they appear in your application list.

    If you are playing an Early Access, you might encounter a bug that prevents you from being able to hire all the staff members (there’s 21 total). If this is the case, you can try firing one or more staff members, then hiring again and see if that fixes the bug. If it does, that’s great. If not, you’ll have to wait until it is fixed.

  • Q. Is it advisable to max out my staff at level 20?

    A. It varies, but usually at level 15 is sufficient.

    A higher rank will indeed give you better stats. However, it will also require more grinding.

    In most cases 15 is the best level. This level will unlock your employees’ secret recipe and give them high stats. The training cost is also acceptable.

    If you want to use the second option for the dining room mentioned in this guide you may need to level up Kyoko/Raul (the branch manager) to 18 or 20 levels to ensure that your branch is ranked 9, so you can use all ingredients. The number does not remain the same because there are some variations in their stat.

  • Q: Why do we choose KyokoKyoko/RaulRaul as the manager when there are many others with much higher cookingcooking stat?

    A. Remember that the manager needs to serve clients, so we also want to consider their serving stat. This determines the movement speed.

    Of all staff members with 450+ cooking stats (so that the branch is of rank 9 – , Kyoko/Raul are the ones with the highest serving stat, thus making them the ideal candidates for the manager position.

  • Q.: How are wages calculated?

    It all depends on the level of your staff. The higher their level, the greater your pay.

    Even if the driver is just idling around, you need to pay him, as he’s already been hired.

    The maximum wage is around 300g/day for each person at level 20. Plan accordingly.

  • Q: How much does training cost for each level of training?

    Please consult the table below.

    From level 1 to 15, it costs 53.600g, and from 15 to 20, 274,000g.

    Level Cost Level Cost Level Cost Level Cost
    1-2 150 2-3 215 3-4 308 4-5 442
    5-6 635 6-7 911 7-8 1307 8-9 1875
    9-10 2690 10-11 3859 11-12 5537 12-13 7943
    13-14 11395 14-15 16348 15-16 23452 16-17 33644
    17-18 48264 18-19 69239 19-20 99328



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