Damage Types Conditions and Status Effects in Relic Hunters Legend

Damage Types Conditions and Status Effects in Relic Hunters Legend 1 - steamlists.com
Damage Types Conditions and Status Effects in Relic Hunters Legend 1 - steamlists.com

Damage Types Conditions and Status Effects in Relic Hunters Legend

How Physical Damage Types Work

First off, let’s chat about Impact: the classic, often-seen damage type in the game that can not only stun enemies but also does a cool extra 25% damage to shields. It’s like the trusty old jeans of damage – reliable and effective!

Then there’s Frag: a bit more dramatic, as it gives enemies injuries, making them slower and weaker. Frag, too, does that nice extra 25% damage to shields. It’s the spice to your gaming strategy, adding an extra layer of flavor and challenge to the combat dance.

Lastly, Magnetic: the rare gem in the bunch, dealing a whopping 75% extra damage to shields and silencing enemies, keeping them from using special abilities. Think of it as the secret sauce that can really turn the tide in battle when used wisely!

Delving into Elemental Damage Types

Now, let’s set things ablaze with Fire: common, yet dramatic. Fire brings the heat, burning enemies over time while doing 25% more damage to armor. Picture it as the drama queen of damage types, always making its presence known.

Next up, Water: it’s like throwing a freezing cold drink on your enemies, as it freezes them in place and also does an extra 25% damage to armor. Water damage is that unexpected twist in a story, catching everyone off guard and changing the game!

And don’t forget Nature: the elusive and mysterious type, dealing 75% extra damage to armor and potentially spreading contagion to nearby targets. It’s the plot twist you didn’t see coming, subtly and silently changing the narrative in your favor.

How to Defend Yourself

Defense is key too! Physical Protection: is your basic armor against all the physical hits you’ll take. Think of it as your everyday, sturdy umbrella, deflecting the relentless rain of enemy attacks.

Then there’s the Elemental Safeguard: guarding you against the elemental onslaught. It’s like having sunscreen on a scorching day, protecting you from those harmful rays.

Playing with Resistances and Immunities

For an extra layer, there’s Type Resistance: lessening the damage and effects from specific types, like a trusty shield in battle. Then, Projectile Dodge: gives you a chance to completely dodge projectiles, like the nimble cat you are in the gaming world. And who wouldn’t want to fly? With Flying: characters can avoid melee attacks entirely, soaring above the fray like majestic eagles.

Master the Art of Precision

Precision is an art. Landing a Precision Hit: is not just satisfying, but it also packs extra damage. It’s like hitting a home run, satisfying and game-changing, but not all weapons can pull this off. While shields block these hits, not every weapon can achieve this master stroke, so choose wisely!

Unleashing Devastating Blows

And sometimes, you get that magical moment of delivering a Devastating Blow. The frequency and intensity of these epic moments depend on your gear, skills, and the mysterious in-game Chance of Devastation. It’s the grand slam, the unexpected jackpot, turning the table in your favor when you least expect it!

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