Cossacks 3 – Mission Notes

Cossacks 3 – Mission Notes 1 -
Cossacks 3 – Mission Notes 1 -

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Mission Notes

[1] Cossack history for this period is very vague and undocumented, so I am only able to make predictions based on a range.

[2] It’s odd, but I couldn’t find any resources mentioning that the Polish used Cossacks for their campaign in Sweden. They weren’t used until their war against Russia.

[3] Even if this is the fourth mission in the campaign, its year date does not precede that of the previous mission. I’m tired of hearing about how this Ukrainian Campaign is assembled haphazardly based on hearsay. It’s frustrating to do the research. They could have done much better and the Cossacks also deserved more.

[4] Location inconsistencies. It appears that places in India are on the map even though they should be in East Indies.

[5] This mission is parallel to the second mission in the Netherlands campaign.

[6] It is interesting to note that you appear to switch sides in the future and continue playing for the Royalists until the end. Before, you were on the Parliament side.

[7] It’s strange because I haven’t seen any reference to a battle that was fought between Cavaliers, Roundheads, and the New Model Army after their formation, until the decisive final battle. This battle is the last mission of this campaign. I don’t know if this battle is historically accurate or where the location of it is supposed be.

This one is a part of Second Northern War

[9] In fact, this one follows directly on from the final mission in the Poland campaign.

[10] Two-stage mission. The second phase takes place on a map that appears to be identical, i.e. Brixham may be the place where history records a decisive battle against the rebellion.

[11] The mission is set at the turn-of-the century. It’s the only one where you can “research”, to “Enter 18th Century”. Most of the other missions are already 18th century.

[12] This is one of the rare missions where you begin with dual nations. However, it could greatly help prevent the numerous scripted army attacks throughout the mission.

[13] I could not find any specific historical documentation on the internet that England made a big landing in Brittany after they were busy with colonial struggles and sending money to German allies. (The only time that I can think of this may overlap is the events of Prussian Campaign, where England sent monetary aid to its ally Prussia). So my best guess is that it was a minor, undocumented battle, the mission briefing gave that impression as well.

[14] According my research, this mission briefing seems to confuse some years of the events.

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