Collecting Scrap for Profit in Lethal Company

Collecting Scrap for Profit in Lethal Company 4 -
Collecting Scrap for Profit in Lethal Company 4 -

Collecting Scrap for Profit in Lethal Company

The Basics

Hey there! If you’re new to Lethal Company and aiming to smash your profit goals, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into how you can make a killing by collecting scrap metal on different moons.

There are eight moons to explore, but let’s focus on the top three for starters:

1. 41-Experimentation: Perfect for newbies! It’s the easiest moon, with a decent amount of scrap and fewer scary entities.

 1 -
1 –

2. 56-Vow: A bit more daring, with cool creatures like Forest Keepers. More risk but more scrap to grab.

 2 -
2 –

3. 61-March: It’s a bit of a challenge with lots of different entities. But its small size means you can get in, grab the scrap, and get out fast, especially if you’re not keen on bumping into Forest Keepers.

 3 -
3 –

The Art of Scrap Collecting

Scrap are all over the place in the facility, and your job is to grab as much as you can and dash back to your ship. The trick? Collect a good amount of scrap, but don’t get too greedy and risk it all.

Here’s a pro tip: Carry three normal items and one handful of items each time you go scrap hunting. Fill your hot bar with scrap, drop it off at the ship’s front door, and go back for more until you’re happy with your haul.

Now, you’re bound to run into some spooky entities. While I won’t dive deep into handling them here, I’ll give you some pointers to avoid wasting time. Lots of folks panic or run away when they hear weird noises, but they’re often just there to trick you.

So, here’s how to tell if it’s just a spooky sound or an actual entity:

Step 1: Figure out where the sound’s coming from. If it’s everywhere, it’s probably just background noise.

Step 2: Listen for movement or footsteps. No movement? It could still be an entity, just not an active one.

Step 3: Are the sounds regular? If you hear consistent sounds with footsteps, brace yourself; something might be coming your way. Stay cool and think fast!

Rush to Orbit

When you’ve got all the scrap you can carry and night’s falling, it’s time to high-tail it back to your ship. The longer you stay, the more dangerous it gets with more entities and crazy weather.

Hopefully, you’ve followed the plan and have your scrap stash at the main entrance or your escape route. Now, the goal is to move everything to the ship without any trouble. Start with the heavy stuff, so when it gets really dark,

and scary, you can zip back with the lighter items. Always have three regular items and one handful of scrap on you when heading back. If the clock’s ticking towards midnight and you’ve got most of your scrap, don’t push your luck. Head back to orbit, pronto.

Next Steps

Whew, you made it! Now, set your sights on 71-Gordion. That’s where you can sell your hard-earned scrap. Your goal? To cash in big and hit a profit quota of 130/700+. It’s time to sell your loot and enjoy the rewards of your daring scrap adventures!

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