Chivalry 2 – Temp Fix for wireless Headphones

Chivalry 2 – Temp Fix for wireless Headphones 1 -
Chivalry 2 – Temp Fix for wireless Headphones 1 -

When you play with your wireless earphones/headphones, and audio is just ♥♥♥♥, don’t worry.
For some reason, the game uses the communications version of the wireless headset where the modes are mono+ microphone. Changing and or disabling the microphone still doesn’t work for this game. Until they fix it, here is a band-aid fix.
If on windows, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, right-clicking your headphones, and choosing Properties. Under the Services tab, uncheck handsfree Telephony.
Also just disable the microphone in settings for your headset.
Then once in game, for me, it still stuttered but its in better quality. What fixed it for me eventually is switching to another source, then switching back to headset.
After that, when i run the game, it seems to use the right device and i can finally use my headphones atleast until the menus.
Once in game, it started for me again and i had to restart the game for it to finally work.
As of now, it seems to be working. Please let me know if it helped.

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